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Right Makeup For Your Hair Color - Transitioning From Brunette To Red

Khloe Kardashian captured the attention of the news media with sizzling hot red tresses at the 2011 People's Choice Awards.  Although she kept her signature long flowing tresses, her new hair color was a big departure from her normal chocolate brown strands.

While it's true changing your hair color is a fabulous way to freshen up your look, if you want to amp up the results you'll need to tweak your makeup too.

When you migrate from a chocolate brown to a deep red it's important to make sure the undertones in your hair works in harmony with your cosmetics  rather than work against them.

If your new red hair color has a lot of auburn in it then consider ditching cool shades and opt for warmer make-up hues.

What are the right shades?  It really needs to be a personal choice but some make-up experts might suggest hues in the soft gray, champagne, tawny or milk chocolate ranges.  This suggestion would be especially true for the eyes.

Softer warmer shades are also suggested for the lips.  Bright red lipsticks might not work as well with red hair colors than brunette because of the potential for a clash with the hair color.  When in doubt mauve y browns and nudes are good choices,  For a pop of color opt for a pale pink.

Does green really work with red hair?  It all depends.  Bright blues and greens are considered cool shades and may not work as well with some shades of red hair.  However, dark greens, when applied properly can look amazing on redheads.

Also remember to only play up only one feature at a time such as eyes or lips.  Remember to maintain balance and apply your new palette with skill and you can't really go wrong.

When in doubt consider getting a complimentary makeover at your local department store or check out your favorite celebrities on the red carpet.  Pay attention to the celebrities with the same hair color as you and then analyze their skin tones.

When you find a celeb that matches your tones, check out the color combos they use.  Remember that most celebs have the best make-up artists for Red Carpet events.

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