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Natural Hair Texture Musings On Curls, Waves, Kinks

Lots of research has been undertaken on what has become popularly known as naturally textured hair.  Whereas hair used to be defined into texture categories including straight, wavy and curly, those categories have softened.  Today hair which has any type of texture from waves to kinks is often referred to as naturally textured.

Even hair which was clumped together as naturally curly has been softened and expanded.  Famed Oprah hairdresser Andre Walker who recently unveiled his own signature line of hair care products was a hair game changer with his organization of hair textures into specific types.

Since Walker's famous typing system was introduced the types have expanded significantly.

Ironically the battle of hair textures rages on even as we approach 2011.  Historically many people with natural waves, curls and kinks have sometimes wished for silky smooth straight strands.  On the flip side, many people with straight strands want to add more texture to their hair.

Many of the hair manufacturers who produce an array of cleansers, conditioners and styling products have studied the natural textured hair market in order to understand and introduce products which address this hair genre. Hair giant Pantene has conducted lots of studies about hair.  Along the way they've studied naturally textured hair and have published their findings over the years.  Although you might think that natural curls are the most common natural textures, according to Pantene it's actually waves which occur more often.  35% of women have waves while 11% have curls.

While all waves and curls used to be classified as similar, Pantene studies have also found that there are at least 2-3 different types of curls on each head of naturally curly head.  In fact, as the natural hair texture movement has exploded it has become common knowledge that no two heads of curls, waves or kinks are the same and each texture is completely unique.  While it's true that some heads of curls might have 2-3 different types of curls, others might have many more unique patterns.

Although the love your natural texture movement has changed the historical desired to alter genetic hair textures, 40 percent of women who have naturally straight or wavy tresses actually lust for more curls in their hair.

Bottom line? No two heads of hair, naturally textured or not, is identical and not hair texture is the right type to war.

If your hair is naturally textured and you lust for straight tresses or vice versa, it's okay to wear your hair in any way or fashion which makes you feel good about you.

As I've been saying now for the past 15 years, embrace your natural tresses as part of what makes you special and unique and all will be good in your own personal world of hair.

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