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Diane Keaton Worries About Her Breasts On Ellen

Diane Keaton was on Ellen's show today to promote her new film Morning Glory. The actress was wearing her signature shoulder skimming bob which was coiffed stick straight with loves of beautiful highlights and lowlights.

Responding to the audience who was going crazy when she showed up Diane gave the fans a huge wave and did a little dance as she settled into her chair.

Ellen asked Diane to put her microphone on and then the actress put her mic on the inside. She told Ellen "I'm getting nervous. It doesn't take much to get nervous."

Diane asked Ellen "do you think my breasts look odd though? I mean do they look weird?" She stood up and pulled on her dress and said "it's tight." She sat back down and said "I still have breasts." Ellen said "they're like a work out bra they're just of's pretty tight."

Diane agreed "should I stick them up?" The actress laughed and then placed her hands under her breasts and said "it goes like that" and pushed them up. Ellen asked if she wanted to leave or something and Diane pulled her dress down and said "oh no, I think I'm ready now. I'm set."

Ellen asked Diane why she hadn't been by to visit in four years, since they moved to a new stage. Diane looked up and said "first of all this place is grand. It's like you walk back and the dressing rooms are huge and high ceilings, nice furniture. You're doing well." She added "and tasteful. Amazing."

Diane explained "usually they cram" you in. "If you do the Today Show in the morning, you know, it's like eeeint" and she made a scrunching motion with her fingers. She said "it's not okay in the sense that there's no space in New York, but beautiful city."

Ellen noted that Diane is doing a lot of press for her new movie and Ellen said she couldn't imagine Diane was a "good flier" because it seemed like a "lot of things make you nervous." Diane agreed "yeah, you got that right. Yeah, it's not good for me." She explained "no no, not the press, that's fine" but to "go in the air" to do the press. "No, I'm out."

Diane Takes A Pill When She Flies But It Doesn't Work

Ellen asked what Diane does to relax on the plane and Diane said "I take a pill. And still, it doesn't work. No, nothing." She admitted she always travels with someone "who can support my every move. Yes Stephanie is there. She's like 'oh god here we go.' The airplane is like so frightening to me I have to talk to the captain every time and he thinks I'm an idiot of course because that's the safest way to, you know, travel, apparently. But if you ask me, I'd rather be on a mule, a donkey, a horse or a car. Count me out, I don't want to be up in the air."

Diane underlined the fact that "it's absolutely terrifying for me" to fly. She continued "first of all, it's nice when the plane goes very very high. You know that, right? You're better off if the plane goes higher. At 40,000 feet you're doing well because you miss the weather."

Harrison Ford took Diane up in his small plane and she felt "it was a small plane and his was very nice and everything was fine until he decided he was going to remove himself from the pilot's seat and come back and visit us which was not good for me." good Diane said "you have to give Harrison some slack."

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