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Jenna Elfman Worries Head Will Explode If New Baby And Son Both Refuse To Sleep Through The Night

A very pregnant Jenna Elfman was recently a guest on The Ellen Degeneres Show.  When she arrived on stage she had a hard time settling into her guest chair next to Ellen because she is so large and told Ellen "it was tricky".

She told Ellen she was due "in another month".

Note:  Jenna is due at the end of February, 2010.

(Image of Jenna Elfman on Ellen Degeneres Show - All Rights Reserved - Warner Brothers).

Ellen seemed shocked at Jenna's size and said "you have another month?"  Jenna said "I'm with you.  Believe me I have to sleep and wake up with this every morning."  Ellen said "I can't even imagine.  Is it a boy or a girl?"

Jenna said "it's another boy."  Ellen said "is that what they say when the boy drops?"  Jenna said "yeah apparently he hasn't dropped yet."  Ellen "really?  That's pretty dropped to me."  Jenna said "I can't even bend over.  Putting on my shoes on is interesting."

Jenna did say her current little boy likes, when they're watching television for her "to lift my shirt up" and he puts his hand there and "taps it and he'll lean over and give it a kiss and keep watching 'Toy Story' and he rubs it (her stomach)."

(Image of Jenna Elfman - - All Rights Reserved)

Ellen said "wait till it comes out.  He's going to want it to go away."  Jenna agreed "so I'm just enjoying the love now because who knows what's gonna happen."

Ellen and Jenna discussed the fact that Jenna's little boy is 2 1/2 and as Ellen put it "that's a tough age." Jenna said "he's not terrible twos but if he at all approaches hungry or tired and me being this pregnant and trying to physically.  We had a meltdown.  He's obsessed with trains.  Choo choos.  You know, Thomas The Train, and I got him a whole train set for Christmas."

Jenna explained she thought to herself 'I'm going to have just a mom's son morning with him.' You know, just take him out and go get a train and you know.   I'm trying to get him to sleep through the night so I'm bribing him with trains, and it's working.  Because when this baby comes I can't have a kid who's not sleeping through the night."

Jenna said "I can't have two (not sleeping) or my head will explode."

Ellen "I guess you should have thought of that before."  Jenna laughed "so I take him to this really cool train shop, and you know, and we're coming upon nap time and he was so excited to go see the trains he wasn't eating.  So we're approaching tired and hungry.  And lifting him up and all this is really physically exhausting"  so Jenna experienced a meltdown with her son as a result.

(Image of Jenna Elfman - - All Rights Reserved)

Ellen presented Jenna with a photo of herself to paste on the front of her stomach and Jenna loved it.

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