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Madonna's Head Lice And Growing Up Feeling Like A Weirdo

Madonna is famous for many things but who would have ever thought lice was one of them? The famous performer rocking long buttery blonde softly waved tresses cascading from a center part appeared on Ellen DeGeneres' talk show this past week to speak up against bullying. Although Madonna didn't appear in person, she was shown chatting live with Ellen over a video style feed.

At the beginning of their chat Ellen told Madonna she was trying to "stroke your hair right now." Madonna laughed but then warned Ellen "don't do that, don't do that because there's some head lice going around in my house."

Ellen was shocked and said "oh no" Madonna replied "keep your hands off my hair." Ellen pushed the topic "do you really have head lice going on?"

Madonna said "yeah, well, it's a reoccurring occurrence. Is that right?" She paused and touched her hair and said "it reoccurs" Ellen said "that's terrible" and Madonna agreed "yes it is." The singer said "I'm afraid to lay down in my children's bed and put my head on their pillows because, you know, they jump around, those lice."

Madonna has four children, Lourdes born from her early ’90s relationship with fitness trainer Carlos Leon, Rocco, with Guy Ritchie, and two other adopted children from Malawi – David and Mercy.

She concluded this thread with Ellen "anyway, you've got doves in your hair, I might have lice in mine. So we should just stay away from each other."

Bullying And Teen Suicide

The purpose of Madonna's chat was really to address bullying. She said "I feel it would be incredibly remiss of me to not say something (about bullying and the teen suicides). I'm incredibly disturbed and saddened by the overwhelming number of teen suicides that have been reported lately because of bullying."

She said "suicide in general is disturbing. Teenagers committing suicide is extremely disturbing. But to hear that children, teenagers, are taking their lives because they're being bullied in schools and dormitories, what have you, is kinda unfathomable.

Gay Community Gave Madonna Her Career

I know a number of people have already spoken out about it but I feel I need to say something. The gay community has been incredible supportive of me. I wouldn't have a career if it weren't for the gay community so...."

Madonna paused and continued "and I also have a teenage daughter and I have ongoing discussions with her about this topic. So I feel like I just need to say a few words, so I don't know, have a bit of a discussion about it."

Ellen said "Thank you. What I continue to say is they (kids, teens) learn from us. A lot of the media is all about bullying. The more popular we get, we become targets, we're bullied into adulthood."

Madonna Felt Lonely, Isolated And Like A Weirdo Growing Up

In response to Ellen's question about whether Madonna was bullied as a kid or felt different the superstar said "Yes, that's an understatement. I still feel different. I can totally relate to the idea of feeling isolated and alienated. I was incredibly lonely as a child, as a teenager. And I have to say I never felt like I fit in at school. I wasn't a jock, I wasn't an intellectual. There was no group I felt a part of. I just felt like a weirdo.

Madonna's Ballet Teacher Made Her Feel Okay To Be Different

It wasn't until my ballet teacher, who was also gay, took me under his wing and introduced me to a community of artists, of other unique individuals who told me it was good and okay to be different. Who brought me to my first gay disco and ironically made me feel like I was a part of the world. And that it was okay to be different.

I can't imagine young kids today going through their adolescent years and not having somebody they can talk to. Somebody they can have an affinity with that tells them and reassures them that it's okay to be who they are."

Bullies End Up The Losers

Ellen said "I feel like what kids don't understand is what makes you different and what makes you unique and feel's also sets you apart and makes you special when you get older. And it's the bullies who don't end up doing anything with their lives at all. They end up the losers.

Ellen and Madonna finished their discussion by agreeing that everyone needs to pay attention to what is happening and taking responsibility. Madonna noted it starts at home, but we need a community to support people and eliminate prejudices.

Madonna and Ellen agreed it's simple, just do unto others as you would have them do to you. Madonna also asked that everyone try to get through the day without gossiping about anyone or even listening to gossip. Ellen agreed that no gossip challenge was a good one and that everyone should try that approach.

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