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Curly Girl Jane Krakowski's Signature Hairstyles

Actress Jane Krakowski is adored by fans her ditzy characterization of Jenna Maroney on NBC's hit show, 30 Rock.

As Jenna, Jane definitely adds humor in her interaction with Liz Lemon (Tina Fey) and Jack (Alec Bladwin).

(Image of Jane Krakowski as Jenna Maroney on NBC's 30 Rock - - All Rights Reserved)

Throughout her acting career Jane has been famous for her signature long blonde hair which she often wears with a carefully constructed side-swept Veronica Lake style fringe which falls seductively over one eye.

Although Jane has naturally curly/wavy hair which she showcased early in her career, she has traded in her natural textures for smooth waves with looser curls threaded throughout the perimeter.

Although Jane usually wears her volume enhanced blonde tresses cascading down around her shoulders on 30 Rock, she often goes with more glamourous or flamboyant upstyles for the Red Carpet.

(Image of Jane Krakowski as Jenna Maroney on NBC's 30 Rock - - All Rights Reserved)

Even when Jane has her hair swept into a twist or knot, she still prefers to wear her famous side swept bangs to frame her gorgeous face.

Jane's hair on 30 Rock is not all that different than the long blonde hairstyles she wore on Ally McBeal. Blonde is definitely the famous star's best hair color. It showcases her creamy skin and gorgeous eyes.

How does Jane manage to rock so much body and volume? Her secret, besides her sweeping fringe and perfect hair hue is precision created layers carved throughout the back and sides to add consistent fullness. Jane's long layered hairstyle works perfectly for her face shape which is rectangular and has a prominent chin.

Jane's hair always looks stylish with elegance and grace. Her hairstyle has the added advantage of being flexible. It can be amped up with extra texture, worn sleek and stick straight or pulled up in a wide range of twists, buns, knots or ponies.

(Image of Jane Krakowski as Jenna Maroney on NBC's 30 Rock - - All Rights Reserved)

How To Create Copy Jane's Layered Hairstyles

Step 1: Ask your favorite pro hairstylist to create graduated layers from the roots to the ends to guarantee fullness and body. If your hair is naturally curly like Jane's ask your stylist to individually sculpt each curl section so that the curls nestle into each other.

Step 2: Cleanse hair in desired style (shampoo, diluted shampo, conditioner only, water only) with regular products. Apply rinse out conditioner, detangle with a wide tooth comb and finish with a cool/cold water rinse.

Step 3: Towel blot to remove excess water. Apply a baseball sized glob of mousse onto still damp hair. Create a deep side-part and blow dry side-swept fringe area.

Step 4: Separate remaining hair into 2 1/2" sections. Use a large round boar bristle brush and blow dry tresses while creating a slight upward direction and tension at the roots. Roll the ends under.

Step 5: Once hair is completely dry separate into 1-2" sections. Lightly spritz each section with hairspray or styling spray. Wrap the middle to ends of each section around a medium barrel curling iron avoiding area adjacent to the roots. Hold iron in place for a few section to set the curl. Alternate the direction of the iron to create different curl textures.

Step 6: Release iron from hair. Use fingers to roll new curl and pin against the scalp. Repeat throughout the rest of the hair until all has been curled and pinned.

Step 7: After hair has completely cooled unpin each section. Bend over at your wait and gently shake hair to loosen. Run fingers lightly through your strand to de-construct curls and encourage fullness. Avoid combing or brushing to eliminate newly formed texture.

Step 8: For extra gloss apply a drop of shine serum or cream and lightly brush over the top of your finished style.

Add a jeweled hairclip, band or other hair accessory to create added sizzle.

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