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Cougar Hair Incorporates Shiny Silvers And Gorgeous Grays

Recently I wrote an article Loving Long Hair Over 40 which recapped interviews More Magazine did with long haired women some years ago.

I was most taken with the (then) 45 year old flight attendant who not only had long lush strands but was enjoying the attention she was receiving after deciding to let her natural silver and gray shine through.

Are Men Of All Ages Responding Well To Shiny Silvers, Gorgeous Grays And Whites?

The More Magazine article was written in 2006, but apparently was a harbinger of Cougar Hair trends. Women in their 40s, 50s and beyond are actually embracing their natural silvers, gray and white tresses. Larger number of women are reporting that men of all ages from younger to older are finding the natural tinsel effect to be sexy.

(Image of a silver tressed 63 year old Paula Deen)

Maybe because women who embrace their natural silvers and grays are feeling so good about themselves it gives off a really confident vibe, which everyone knows is very sexy.

In the past supermodel Kate Moss has been spotted with an array of shiny silver creating a sexy come hither look. Some of the Paris fashion runways have also showcased exaggerated silver, gray or bleached out chunks of hair framing the face in the form of bangs or striking highlights.

Advantages To Embracing Your Own Natural Hair Color

Other advantages to embracing your own natural color changes includes freedom from the monthly chains of any type of hair coloring, from home kits to pricey salon visits. Kicking your hair coloring habit also offers the opportunity to eliminate a source of toxic products applied to your body which may result in thicker, healthier and more luscious hair. Of course there is also budgetary advantages.

(Image of 63 year old Emmy Lou Harris - - All Rights Reserved)

While some women are letting their natural hair color completely shine through, others stick with a few isolated strands of tinsel, gray or white, but utilize color for the rest of their strands. Of course when you change your hair color palette, always retool your make-up to show off your eyes, skin and lips to their best advantage.

Not everyone agrees with showcasing their natural grays or whites. Don't expect actress Jane Fonda, now in her 70s to show up with her natural silver strands in full view. She recently told Oprah she had done on her neck and chin, and the bags removed from her eyes. Based on her recent appearances she is keeping her tresses perfectly highlighted and lowlighted to hide any white, gray or silver. If Jane has splashes of tinsel, it's not obvious and definitely not showcased.

Deciding to cover or show off your natural silver or gray definitely has to be a personal choice, but trends about these preferences are definitely changing. It used to be considered sexy for men to show their gray but aging for women. It's nice to know that women not have the choice to cover or not cover their changing hair colors.

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