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Will Celine Dion To Introduce New Twins On Oprah?

Famed Canadian-born pop star Celine Dion, 42, has checked into St. Mary's Medical Center in Florida.  According to center spokesman Ryan Lieber  "Ms. Celine Dion has been admitted ... for observation at the recommendation of her doctors."

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Lieber noted Ms. Dion "has been admitted to prevent the early delivery of her babies, which is a fairly common clinical practice for mothers of twins. This is done to ensure the patient can be in close contact with their doctors and clinical resources, leading up to their birth."

Rene Angelil Denied Reports Of Planned C Section

Although the media had previously reported that Dion was scheduled to have an October 22nd C section for the delivery of her twin babies, Dion's husband/manager, Rene Angelil denied these reports.   He told that the story was untrue.  He said  "there is nothing scheduled. We do not have a date."  He also told People "they (the doctors) want Celine's pregnancy to go as long as possible, at least until the first week of November."

Pregnancy Will Be Continued As Long As Possible

Dion's publicist added. "She would never intentionally endanger her unborn children by scheduling a birth early like this. ... It's all false. Celine and her doctors are hopeful that she can continue her pregnancy as long as possible, and hope to get her to at least 37 weeks gestation to ensure the healthiest outcome for her children."

Dion and Angelil are parents to a nine year old son and have been trying to add to their family for some time.  Dion has suffered well publicized miscarriages and is said to be thrilled about her current pregnancy with twins.

Will New Twins Be Introduced On Oprah?

One question no one has addressed is how and when Dion and Angelil will introduce their new twins.  My thought?  Oprah.  Afterall, Celine and Oprah are good friends and Celine discussed a lot of her personal life on the show along with her desire for another pregnancy.  Why not close the loop and introduce the babies on the show?

Sounds like a plan to me.  What do you think Oprah?  The ratings should be spectacular.  Don't you agree?

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