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Pia Toscano's Heart Stopping Rendition Of Celine Dion's "All By Myself" On American Idol

Last week New Yorker Pia Toscano brought the house down and won the very standing ovation of Season 10 on American Idol.  But could the raven haired Pia bring the magic again?

Not only did she bring it, she took it to an even higher level.  As I listened to her sing Celine's Dion's "All By Myself" I broke out into goosebumps up and down my arms, legs and back.

By the time Pia had finished I was in tears, sobbing my heart out.  My god, could she be any more talented?  I can't imagine how.   Compared to the rest of the AI woman contestants she is head and shoulders above them.   Rarely do I vote for anyone on American Idol, but I couldn't resist voting for Pia.

Before she performed Pia said she "loved Celine Dion" because she has such an amazing voice and she's family oriented.

The 22 year old New Yorker reported she chose "All By Myself" because "it's so emotional."  She also said her father instilled in her the belief that she has "to rehearse, to rehearse, to rehearse."  Pia noted "now I can finally sing it because I've rehearsed so much."  Pia said she hoped she would made her father proud.

After performing an absolutely perfect rendition of Celine's song Pia received an emotionally charged standing ovation.

Jennifer Lopez was literally speechless.  After Pia finished singing Jennifer just kept shaking her head in disbelief.  She said to Pia "I think a lot of people were thinking.. what were you going to do to top last week's (performance)?  Jennifer shook her head "There it is.  Really, really beautiful."

Steven Tyler said "That was the sum total of all the work" you've done to date.  He also told her "You just slammed it.  That was beautiful."  Finally he wished her "Happy International Woman's Day today."

Hard nosed Randy Jackson was also blown away.  He told Pia I've been here awhile "This is Season 10 and we always tell people that the big three are Mariah, Whitney and Celine and 'don't tackle those songs if you can't do them.'  You know that Celine can slay these songs."  He continued "You hit the songs dead on.  You have such a natural gift.  Dude, I love it and I'm in awe."  High praise indeed from Randy.   He summed up Pia's performance by saying "Very hot, dope, cool performance."

Even Ryan Seacrest congratulated Pia on getting all of those famous Randy words strung together at one time.

Besides doing a series of amazing mouth dropping, eye popping performances, Pia confessed she's having a great time during her stay on American Idol.  She explained that living in the American Idol Mansion is "Like a big happy family."  Good news for Pia who has values family over everything else.

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