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Jimmy Smits Said Going Back Into A Courtroom Was Like Riding A Bike

Actor Jimmy Smits (born July 9, 1955) stars in the new NBC drama Outlaw. Although he is best known for his role as attorney Victor Sifuentes on LA Law in the 1980s and as Bobby Simone in NYPD Blue, I loved him best as Miguel Pardo on the third season of Dexter.

(Image of Jimmy Smiths - Outlaw - NBC - All Rights Reserved)

In Outlaw, which I have set to record on my Tivo, he stars as a U.S. Supreme Court justice Cyrus Garza, who leaves the bench to return to practicing law.  Jimmy is famous for his acting work in the courtroom.

Jimmy appeared on the Friday (9.24.10) showing of the Ellen show.  He looked dashing  in a crisp white shirt, toasted almond jacket and light charcoal slacks.  He has a lot of grey hair around the temples and it looks great.  Jimmy told Ellen he loved being on her show because it "like a party."

When asked what he did with his summer Jimmy  explained he was busy "working on the show", but managed to take a "little tiny break" on July 4th on PBS, the firework thing.  He likes to have "a week with the family" and do "the tourist thing" and he got to "throw the baseball out at The Nationals game."

The actor said when you throw out a pitch it's about "getting the ball over the mound because it's like 60 feet".  But he said "it hurt the arm".  Jimmy said but "they're going to use it on the show actually".

Trepidation About Another Courtroom Based Show

Ellen teased him about feeling "comfortable in a courtroom" and asked if his house was decorated like one.  The actor confessed he had a "little trepidation that I had" about filming this new show "to see if you could do well" in another show with a courtroom setting again but "it's like riding a bike, you know, you get it."  Ellen was referencing LA Law which Jimmy said took place in "1987 - 1989".  Ellen of course showed an image of a very young Jimmy from that popular show.

When asked if he was enjoying the new series Jimmy and said "I'm having a great time."   The show has a mascot who is so cute and his name is Outlaw Teddy.  A PA adopted him.  Jimmy said "somebody left him and he was all mangy" and now he's "so happy" because someone adopted him and gave him a home.

The talk show hostess noted that Jimmy has a "great sense of humor" but always takes on serious, serious roles. Ellen took the opportunity to ask Jimmy some questions about his high school days so she would have an excuse to show a photo of him from back when.  Jimmy agreed with Ellen that he always was "pretty serious" and "in high school always wore an Army jacket."  Of course all of the roles he has selected during the course of his acting career have been pretty serious as well.

After showing off his dark and scary high school photo Ellen displayed various photos of Jimmy a calender designed to encourage pet adoptions.   She teased him about posing with cats.  Jimmy said "my wife has always had cats and our cat isn't with us anymore."  He pointed to one of the cats and said "this cat wasn't very friendly to me, but we wound up taking a great picture."

Ellen teased Jimmy by showing the audience all of his photos posing without his shirt on and posing with a range of cats.  Jimmy and Ellen were having a lot of fun together on the show and of course it offered him a chance to really show off his dramatic new show.

Here's hoping Jimmy's new show does really well and he's around for many seasons to come.

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