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Brazilian Blowout Benefits And Drawbacks

The Brazilian Blowout is the latest version of the wildly popular Brazilian keratin treatments.  One of the downsides of the traditional Brazilian chemical treatment is that you can't wash your hair for up to 72 hours after the treatment is applied.

Not only can't you get your hair wet or wash it, you can't put anything in your hair which will crease it.  That includes barrettes,jaws, claws, ponytail elastics or bobby pins.

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It also means you can't tuck your hair behind your ear or sleep with your hair bunched up or else you will create unwanted creases.

The solution?  Many people are abandoning the more traditional Brazilian treatments for the Brazilian Blowout which takes as little as 60 minutes and allows you to immediately wash your hair.

How does the Brazilian Blowout work?  A customized Keratin formula is applied to the strands.  The Keratin coats the strands with proteins while also filling in all the little holes and gaps in the hair that have occurred due to various environmental, chemical and styling abuses.  In a sense the Keratin is like applying spackle to holes and cracks in the wall.

When the little rips, tears and holes (porosity) are filled with the liquid Keratin, the hair is transformed instantly into sheets of sleeker strands.  When the holes are filled, the hair no longer absorbs moisture.  The Keratin coating turns dry frizzy strands into more solid tresses which lay flatter and naturally repels frizz creating humidity.

Many hair consumers have become instant fans of The Brazilian Blowout after it was leaked that golden girl Jennifer Aniston had submitted her famous tresses to the Blowout treatment.  Jennifer is famous for all the pampering she applies to her gorgeous hair.  If Jen is a fan, it has to be a great choice.  Right?

Many hair consumers are justifiably concerned about applying any type of chemicals to their hair, which is a good thing.  When applied improperly or by an untrained professional, some chemical treatments can go seriously wrong.  However, many are becoming Keratin converts because of the amazing, miraculous and hair changing results they're seeing with the Brazilian Blowout.

Some of the best known salons in the United States are jumping onto the Brazilian Blowout bandwagon and dumping the traditional Brazilian treatments.  Afterall, what hair consumer wants to wait three days to be able to wash their hair?

While the goal of the Brazilian Blowout treatment is to simply coat each strand with hair healing Keratin, some hair experts are still concerned about what might be hidden in the chemicals applied to the hair.   While the official word is that the Brazilian Blowout is just like having your hair wrapped in an outer layer of silk, is there any long term consequences to the treatment?

The Brazilian Blowout is still relatively new and some hair experts believe there hasn't been enough history with hair consumers to uncover any potential long or short term issues.

The Brazilian Blowout Process

Many hair consumers are amazed at how simple and quick the entire Brazilian Blowout process is.  This is especially true if they've had the traditional Brazilian process which can take a few hours, depending on the length, thickness and texture of the hair client.

The Brazilian Blowout Steps

1.  The client's hair is washed one or more times to remove any product residue.

2.  Once the hair has been completely washed and rinsed, the hair is towel blotted to remove excess water.

3.  The Keratin formula is applied from the roots to the ends of the hair.

4.  After the formula is applied, the hair is completely blow dried.

5.  The hair is then flat ironed with the heat from the iron fusing the keratin formulation to the cuticle of the hair.  To make sure the keratin is properly attached, each section of the hair may be flat ironed several times.

6.  After the hair is completely flat ironed, the process if complete.  I left with stick-straight, shiny hair, and couldn't wait to wash my hair to see how it would react.

After leaving the salon the hair client can immediately wash their hair, but many don't because they want to maintain the initial silky shininess of the new treatment.

Soft Waves In Most Cases

Although the Brazilian Blowout will eliminate the majority of frizz, it won't necessarily transform coils, curls and waves stick straight.  What it will do is rearrange the natural texture into softer texture.  Most people with natural coils and curls will experience soft loose waves.  Of course these soft waves would be much easier to flat iron than starting with the original coils and curls.

Most hair will be frizz-free, shiny much more manageable.  Hair can be worn with texture or it can be blow dried smooth and straight in a fraction of the time invested prior to receiving the treatment.

Brazilian Blowout Results

Depending on a variety of factors the Brazilian Blowout will generally last up to three months.  As the treatment ages on the hair the natural texture will slowly start to return.  In the earliest days after the treatment the hair will tend to be silkier, smoother and much less frizzy.

Fans of the Brazilian Blowout believe that utilizing the brand's products will help to extend the life of the Blowout.  Another hint?  Cleanse hair as infrequently as possible.  The more often you wash your hair, the faster the Blowout will transition off of your hair.

The Brazilian Blowout, because it takes a lot less time than the traditional Brazilian treatments, costs in the range of $300.  Of course the price is often tied to the client's length, thickness and texture of hair.

Be sure to get a firm price quote in writing before you proceed if there is any doubt about the final cost.  You may also wish to ask about the best after treatment products.

Long Time Results

Some hair consumers have expressed a change in how their scalps after the treatment.  Some consumers report itchy, flaky scalps.  Others report breakouts or scalp irritations.  This is not true for everyone, but it's a possible side effect of the Brazilian Blowout.  Some Blowout subjects experience an oily scalp which may dissipate after a week or so.  Others note a need to shampoo more often than normal.

One possible solution is to do a clear water rinse more frequently to eliminate the dry or oily scalp situation.   Another option is to apply jojoba or another soothing oil to dry flaky scalps to regulate the scalp back to normal.

Best Candidates For Brazilian Blowout

Clients with frizzy, damaged or over processed hair with high porosity.  Most people can benefit from the Blowout smoothing treatment.  This treatment seems to work for every hair type from fine to course to frizzy.  The key to a successful treatment is to work with your hairstylist and make sure to communicate your pre-treatment concerns.

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