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Long Hair That's Too Long - Does Crystal Gayle Need A Haircut?

Whereas Rapunzel is often quoted as the ultimate fantasy figure for long luscious hair the question of how long is too long for hair has been debated since the beginning of time.

Exactly what constitutes long hair and how long is actually too long can change from culture to culture, or even within cultures.

(Image of Crystal Gayle born in 1951 with ankle length hair and Tanya Tucker - Crystal Gayle Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony - 10-02-09 - DC Media - All Rights Reserved)

What Is The Definition Of Long Hair?

A woman with chin-length hair in many cultures may be said to have short hair, while a man with the same length of hair in some of the same cultures would be said to have long hair.

Scientists historically have viewed long hair as playing a large part in any animal species' natural selection, since hair length is frequently a sign of health.

Hair Signals Gender Differences

Freudian psychoanalysts also see it in a sexual light, as a representation of the id's release from the suppression of the superego.

In the context of cultural and social norms, hair can signal gender differences as well as ideological differences. Opposite sexes and opposite ideologies tend to have opposite styles of hair, for example hair lengths.

Depending on which hairstylist you talk to you will get a wide range of answers on how long is too long for hair to be.

Cosmo Magazines Take On How Long Is Too Long

Back in October of 1997 Cosmopolitan Magazine asked this controversial question in their famous cosmo hair column.  Cosmo asked New York hairdresser Robert Gooding his thoughts on how long is too long.

Robert's comments?  He said "your hair is definitely too long if you can sit on it."  He also said "halfway down your back is the limit - anything longer hasn't looked hip since Crystal Gayle had a hit."

Ouch!  As a long hair fan with my own hair holding at 5-8 inches below my waist for the past ten years, I don't agree with the comment about hair being too long if you can sit on it.  I think it's more important to judge the overall health of long hair.

Long Hair That's See Through At The Ends

Robert pointed out "it's time for a trim if you can see through your ends.  That means they're porous and starting to break off."  I do agree with his thoughts about see-through ends.

If you're going to make the commitment to grow your own hair, rather than having add on super long extensions, you do need to rock super healthy strands.

(Image to the right of Crystal Gayle in the 1980s - DC Media - All Rights Reserved)

Other Long Hair Considerations?

Although some hair and beauty experts used to scream foul if long hair was worn by anyone other than teens, this attitude has drastically changed along with the current belief that people need to present themselves in a way that makes them feel self-confident and great about themselves.  If that means hair to their ankles or a shaved head, so be it.

Follow the hair and beauty guidelines below to determine if your long hair is too long?

1.  If you still love your hair long and feel age-appropriate wearing it, then enjoy it as long as you feel great wearing it. 

2.  Long hair shows every rip, tear and split end.  Because it is so long, it shows every flaw.  If you commit to long hair, dedicate your energy into making it the healthiest, most vibrant and beautiful as possible.

3.  Avoid having long tresses which are split, damaged, thinning, brittle, dull or shapeless. 

4.  If you love your long tresses make sure it has excellent texture, shape and definition.  The longer your hair the more important it is to have some subtle shaping, layering and definition to avoid your hair dragging your face down.  You don't have to adopt a mullet or even a fringe but make sure the hair flows into a beautiful shape and flatters your face and current age.

5.  Keep your color fresh.  Nothing looks worse on long strands then drastic root regrowth.  If you tire of highlights or low lights make sure to work with a professional colorist to help you transition from one hue to another seamlessly.

6.  Avoid using your hair as a camouflage.  Longer hair can actually add weight to a body, not hide unwanted pounds.

7.  If someone refers to you as Cousin It you may want to take that as a warning sign that your long tresses need some work.

If you've looked at the photos of Crystal from Fall of 2009 you may have your own opinion.  How long is too long for hair?

(Image of Crystal Gayle on the right from 2003 - DC Media - All Rights Reserved)

Does Crystal need a haircut or does this long hair icon need to keep her long luscious locks until the end of her time?

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