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Gayle King, Oprah And Salon Roshawn

Roshawn Bryant Middleton opened Salon Roshawn in Stamford, Connecticut on Stillwater Avenue back in 1999.  That same year that the salon opened, Middleton began cutting Gayle King's hair.  For those in the know, King has been the best friend of Oprah since the two women met back in the 1980s at a local Baltimore news station.

People who work with Oprah and Gayle often experience a major life change.  Such was the case for Roshawn and her salon after Gayle King sat in her chair.

Along the years Roshawn, through her friendship with Gayle and Oprah, has met a long list of impressive celebrities including Michelle Obama and Coretta Scott King.  She's also met very famous actors, singers, comedians and film producers.

Of course Roshawn returns the love to Gayle and Oprah.  For years there has been an Internet video hookup to Oprah's show and both Roshawn and her hair customers have appeared on air at various times.

In 2005 Roshawn was flow to Oprah's home in California to style hair for an event.

The long time hairstyles was also invited to the very special taping of Oprah's "Surprise Spectacular" at the United Center sports arena on May 17th.  She took her sister Nedra Bryant and the two attended the VIP after-party at the posh Four Seasons Hotels in Chicago.  They also met superstars like Aretha Franklin, Michael Jordan, Tom Hanks, Madonna, Tom Cruise, Will Smith, Maya Angelou, Jerry Seinfeld, Halle Berry, Tyler Perry and Jamie Foxx.

When Roshawn returned to Connecticut from the Oprah farewell celebration she organized a special good-bye party for the legendary talk show hostess featured champagne, trays of foods, decorations and a cake decorated with a likeness of an O, The Oprah Magazine cover.  Roshawn invited all the women who get their hair styled at Salon Roshawn to attend on Wednesday, May 25th, which was the final show after 25 years on the air.

"Oprah has this compassion," Middleton said. "It goes to everyone, not just certain people. I admire that so much."

Also in attendance was a camera crew from "The Gayle King Show" which airs on Oprah's cable network, OWN.  Gayle was doing a special segment about Oprah's ultimate fans who were saying goodbye.  She specifically wanted to feature Roshawn and her hair clients from Salon Roshawn who had been watching Oprah since the beginning of the show.

"Oprah, and Gayle, have a lot of kindness," Roshawn said. "They pass it around everywhere."  She also said King, and Winfrey, are down-to-earth, warm, welcoming and sincere.

To read the full story about Salon Roshawn's farewell celebration for Oprah visit The StamfordAdvocate.

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