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Transcending The Sable Connection

Transcending The Sable Connection

Cozzette Brushes - HB Media - All Rights Reserved Cozzette Brushes - HB Media - All Rights Reserved

Cozzette’s Divinity Collection is transcending the sable standard.

Cozzette, Inc. recently announced the official unveiling of their new collection of professional-quality vegan makeup brushes.

The new Divinity Collection offers make-up artists an great alternative to traditional sable brushes.  The alternative is  high-quality tools which contain no animal fur, fiber, or related by-products of any kind.

The Divinity Collection relies upon a range of the softest, most durable synthetic fibers available.

The goal of The Divinity Collection is to keep the highest ethical and professional standards of professional makeup artists in perfect harmony.

Roque Cozzette

Cozette Vessells - Cozette - All Rights Reserved Cozette Vessells - Cozette - All Rights Reserved

The Divinity Collection was created by industry veteran Roque Cozzette.

Cozzette is the artistic director for Kett Cosmetics.

For Cozette, The Divinity Collection is the ultimate the link which brings his illustrious career to full-circle.

After starting out as a traditional makeup artist for film, print, and runway, Roque embraced the airbrushing techniques which have since defined his amazing career.

Challenging The Status Quo With Refusal To Use Animal Products

With the launch of his own eponymour brand, he has returned to his roots.  Cozette is also challenging the status quo with his refusal to use animal products of any kind.

After many years of product development, he has successfully joined his passion for airbrushing beauty with this set of traditional tools which can create, finish, or refine any look.

Cozzette Vessels

Oval Powdered Brush - Cozzette - All Rights Reserved Oval Powdered Brush - Cozzette - All Rights Reserved

As a way to keep the Divinity Collection protected on the road, or in the kit, Cozzette Vessels encapsulate these (or any) type of makeup brushes.

These versatile containers protect brushes, organize cosmetics like lip liners, mascara, and lip-glosses, and keep disposable tools like mascara wands, cotton swabs, and spatulas completely sanitary.

Perfect Place To Mix Liquid Pigments

When empty, Vessels are the perfect place to mix liquid pigments or thoroughly clean brushes.

The Divinity Collection brushes are finished with 100% renewable-resource solid wood handles dipped in purple lacquer.

Cozzette Vessels are made of durable PVC.  They are available in 4, 7.5, 9 or 10-inch sizes.

All products are available online at or

Summary - More About Cozzette - The Spirit Of Makeup Evolution

The Cozzette Vision? A professional collective beautifying the world.

Cozette Makeup Brush - Cozaette - All Rights Reserved Cozette Makeup Brush - Cozaette - All Rights Reserved

The Cozzette business was born of artistic integrity, professional experience, and modern technique.

Cozzette meets the challenges they face as a company with gratitude and honesty.  Cozzette allows the needs of the makeup-arts community to guide all of the company's decisions. Through Cozzette's commitment to the craft of makeup artistry, the company has dedicated their energy toward the development of vegan products which honor all living things.

For more information please contact Cozzette, Inc at

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