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Dress Up Games And Trends Hit Mainstream

As a little girl I had a chest full of paper dolls I would dress up in a range of outfits.  I also had my own dress up closet with my mom and aunt's discarded high heels, dresses and costume jewelry.

My friends in the South St. Louis neighborhood (Our Lady Of Sorrows Parish) where I grew up would put on little impromptu plays where we would dress up in our hodgepodge of home-grown costumes.

(Image of ComicCon Logo - Courtesy of - All Rights Reserved)

If truth be told my love of writing started with the dress up plays since I was drafted to write the various plots and scripts.  Of course they were very crude back then because I was only 8 years old, but it fueled my interest for penning different scenarios and characters.

Playing Real Dress Up

Once we grew out of our little backyard plays, paper dolls and mom's high heels we graduated to a variety of dolls.  By the time we were in high school we dress up in costumes for the yearly plays.

Dressing up is often an important part of the growth process for little girls who grow up to dress up in prom gowns and the ultimate fantasy outfit, the wedding gown.  Of course dressing up always requires thought towards the make-up, accessories and hairstyles which work in harmony with the costumes.

Little boys would also dress up in pretend pirate costumes or similar.

Of course Halloween was the best time of the year for many people who lived to dress up in some other identity complete with a costume.

Even better?  You could get candy and other treats for your trouble of donning a fake wig and lots of cheesy make-up.

(Image of Original Trekkies at Baycon in 2003 - - All Rights Reserved)

Star Trek Trekkie Costumes

With the advent of Star Trek trekkies would dress up to honor their favorite characters and strengthened the growth and popularity of science fiction conventions jammed with fans of various forms of speculative fiction including science fiction and fantasy.

Historically, science fiction conventions had focused primarily on literature, but the purview of many extends to such other avenues of expression as movies and television, comics, animation, and games.

Gen Con Gaming Conventions

Of course lets not forget Gen Con which is marketed as "The Best Four Days in Gaming".  Gen Con is a consumer and trade experience dedicated to gaming culture and community. The Gen Con brand name has been intrinsic to hobby gaming for more than 40 years.

Peter Adkison founded Gen Con LLC in May of 2002 to continue the Gen Con annual gaming convention begun by Gary E. Gygax and his co-founders in 1967.

(Image of Ms. Pacman Screen - - All Rights Reserved)

A key component of science fiction and gaming conventions is the dressing up which is taken very seriously by the attendees.  Dressing up is a major rite of passage for hard core gamers and sci fi convention attendees.

Online Dress Up Games

Then there are the dress up gamers who enjoy dressing up a wide range of characters online in the dress up game world.  These dress up games are not just for little girls or boys.  Adults can dress up or make-over a range of celebrities and reality TV stars.

Some of the online games are free, others require a membership.  If you take the time to search you can find enough games for every age, race, sex and interest level to make your head spin off.

I don't have time to play many games these days but I still have a few games loaded on my notebook and when my brain is fried I will play solitaire or my all time favorite, Ms. Pacman.  I also have an original table style Ms Pacman game in my house downstairs.  I prefer to play on my notebook but it's nice to have the table for visitors to play.

It's not surprising that dress up games are hitting the mainstream.  Why?  The world right now is very stressful and it's always a healthy outlet for stress to take time and play.  If it mean's dressing up to go to a gaming convention, to a hot Halloween party or just dressing up characters online, it's a healthy way to blow off some steam.

Do you play dress up games?  I would love to hear your feedback either by leaving me a comment or by emailing me at [email protected].

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