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MUN2 Debuts Project Light Switch


LOS ANGELES, June 28, 2010 - mun2 today unveiled its multi-platform light switch campaign. The on-air, off-air and online initiative offers an innovative visual execution of the recent mun2 branding campaign which introduced the network's tagline "you're on."

"The new identity is a direct reflection of our audience and is fueled by the best of both worlds," said Ricardo DeMontreuil, Creative Director for mun2. "It encompasses the spirit of the bi-cultural Latino experience in a subtle, clever manner, all while expressing the many meanings of our tagline: you're on."

Project Light Switch

Project Light Switch is the next phase of our brand roll-out which we initiated last year," said Alex Alonso, VP Marketing for mun2. "As the mun2 brand, our vision is to reflect the uniquely American experience of our viewers.

Project Light Switch is a byproduct of that vision. It serves as an extension of our tagline - "you're on" - which impacts a bold statement about the growing and influential 18-34 year old bi-cultural segment of the US. The light switch affords us another element of engagement with our viewer, in which we showcase them organically within our brand and our content."

Design Group

A joint project between the network's Creative and Marketing team, and spearheaded by Troika Design Group, a leading brand and design agency, the visual campaign includes an animated logo design that serves to further emphasize the metaphor for its audience's bi-cultural identity: Latino and American, the best of both worlds.

The logo animation also plays off the words of what the network represents as a brand and broadens the name to a wider audience by bumping off "mun-dos" to create mun2.

mun2's promo spots will incorporate "you're on" in fun, smart ways, highlighting expressions such as, "you're real," "you're fierce" and "you're sexy." The promo system will feature a modern, clean, edgy graphic style that showcases the network's young, Latino audience.

The new primetime look of the channel will be inspired by contemporary night life, incorporating bold colors with black and white imagery, while weekend blocks will showcase brighter, more colorful outdoor imagery.

The network's digital platform, will incorporate images of its audience to surround all online content, serving to reinforce the brand messaging of the viewer being on mun2.

About mun2:

mun2 (moon-dos) is the lifestyle cable network for today's culture connectors (C2s) - bicultural Latinos 18-34. As the bilingual network that amplifies the Latinos experience, mun2 is culturally-grounded and reflects the best of both worlds - mun2 is uniquely American.

From reality to music, on-air to digital, mun2 creates original content across a multi-screen platform. As the only nationally measured bilingual cable network by Nielsen NTI, mun2 has an increased distribution to over 35 million households, and is a part of the Telemundo Communication Group, a division of NBC Universal.


A portal for bicultural Latinos to experience entertainment on their terms, holamun2 features exclusive interviews, original videos, entertainment news, interaction with other mun2 fans and ways to vote for what's next on mun2. From politics and pop to videos and video games, is the online destination devoted to the lifestyles of bicultural Latinos.

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