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Pearls Of Nail Polish Wisdom With Mother Of Pearl Irridescent Hue

Neutral nail lacquers in hues of soft apricot, creamy white, soft taupes and light milk chocolates are part of the current Summer scene.

I've been personally experimenting with a range of whites and recently fell in love with OPI's OPI Sensuous from the O.P.I. Don't Melbourne The Toast, which is basically a sheer shimmer formulation with a hint of mother-of-pearl iridescence.

Think abalone shells.  If you're a fan of pearls, you will probably enjoy this hue.

When I first selected the bottle, I expected it to be a pearly white.  In reality it is closer to a pale pink.

It reminds me of pink infused taupes, sands or fawn colors.  One of my favorite results was pairing this polish with Twitter.  Use your own imagination and layer as you will.

What can I say about this classy pearl infused hue?  The list below summarizes my experience with this enigmatic hue.

1.  The color is is a great balance between chic and classy and ethereal, feminine and totally girly.

2.  Although the color in the bottle is neutral, depending on the number of layers applied it will dry ranging from a very light barely-there white to a soft pink hue with faint hints of purple, blue, green and gold.

Never fear, one coat is sufficient, but I always use two or more (up to five).

Two shades will flash a soft pink, giving your nails a very clean look.  Three shades may showcase a hint of purple swirled through the pink.

Note: I enjoyed the results when layering this on top of OPI Sensuous which is shown above to the left and O.P.I. Don't Melbourne The Toast

3.  Appearing to change depending on the light source shining on your nails, it's never boring.

4.  If you're a fan of pearls, you'll probably enjoy this hue.

5.  Even though the polish is officially classified as a shimmer it is very easy to apply and it dries very quickly.  Keep in mind some shimmers may streak easily.  Not the case with Twitter.

6.  The iridescence is gorgeous and the polish lasts for a long time.

7.  Although you can achieve good nail coverage with just one coat, to pull more pink, purple or gold, experiment with multiple coats. 

8.  One of the great advantages of Pearls of Wisdom is that it's multi-dimensional.  It can be worn stand-alone or layered under or over other complementary polish hues. 

9.  OPI Sensuous looks stunning with every skin tone and nail length. 

10.  It's a beautiful everyday color or it can be amped up to look beautiful for special occasions.

11.  Depending on whether it's worn alone or layered with other base colors, it can e worn all year long.

12.  It's the perfect top coat to finish a sophisticated French Manicure look.

(Image of OPI Sensuous shown above to the left and above and to the right O.P.I. Don't Melbourne The Toast).

Whether in direct or indirect light, this polish is very shimmery.  It look pinker in darker lights.  Some reviewers have explained this polish as looking like an iridescent soap bubble from a bubble with a dash of pearly color.  Just wiggle your fingers and you'll see a gorgeous shimmer.

(Image of OPI Twitter to the left and O.P.I. Don't Melbourne The Toast - All Rights Reserved).

If you're a sucker for a sheer opalescent polish with a gorgeous finish this one will fit the bill. It'll be great for Summer or any bride or girly girl looking to dress up her nails for any dressy event.

It's also sheer enough that it would be lovely to use to change up the look of other polishes in one's collection which means it can be worn all year round.

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