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Instant Sassy Hair Volume

One of the best ways to instantly change up your hairstyle from daytime to evening is to add lush volume throughout the sides and the crown.  Adding volume to the back and sides can be combined with or without a fringe or bangs.

The hairstyle can be created with either bone straight strands or lots of texture.  Ultimately the choice is yours.

Creating instant volume is a snap with Goody's Volume Boost Comb (available in Goody's Volume Boost Comb and blonde) which is incredibly easy to use and remains hidden under all that lush lift.

Follow the easy step by step instructions below to re-create the beautiful hairstyle shown to the side courtesy of Goody.

Step By Step Instructions

This hairstyle can be created on strands which are shoulder length or longer.  Whether your hair is newly cleansed or day old, as long as you first prep your strands with the appropriate styling products such as mousse, hair cream or hair spray you can easily re-create this style quickly and easily.

1.  Detangle your strands removing any snags.

2.  Apply appropriate styling products for your hair's type, texture and desired look.  You may wish to apply a dry shampoo product if you wish to remove built-up oils.

3.  Using a wide tooth comb, boar bristle brush and your fingers gather the top section of your hair on either side of your head and hold it up.  For maximum volume you may wish to lightly backcomb the hair using a brush or wide tooth comb.

4.  Smooth the hair into desired placement.  Glide the teeth of the Goody's Comb into the base of the newly lifted hair.

5.  Insert and slide Comb's teeth into hair, teeth pointing backwards for a firm anchoring.

6.  Smooth your hair back over the Goody's Volume Boost Comb once it's securely anchored.

7.  Style and secure your hairstyle with your favorite barrette, elastic or similar accessory positioned at the back of your head.

8.  If desired you may wish to use a hot iron to add some light texture around the bottom.  Or you may wish to straighten your strands.

Remember, the Goody's Volume Boost Comb will stay hidden in your hair under the hair.  Finish with a spritz of styling hair spray and a swipe of shine serum for gorgeous volume with a shine.

(Image of  Goody's Volume Boost Comb - All Rights Reserved)

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