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Hair Consultations: Key To Perfect Hairstyles

Importance Of Initial And Ongoing Hair Consultations

One of the most important first steps both hair consumers and their hairstylists should take together is the initial hair consultation.

More importantly, it shouldn't stop there.  After the first consultation, a hairstylist and their client need to chat briefly before every hair service to make sure they're still on the same page.

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In some cases a hair consumer may start working with a stylist because they have a specific hair goal such as growing their hair longer, addressing long term damage or migrating to a perfect hair color.

Or a hair client might be searching for the perfect hairstyle.  Regardless of the reasons why a hair consumer is working with a hairdresser, both parties must communicate throughout the course of the relationship.

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Importance Of Hair Consultations Promoted By Hair Gurus - The Doves

Award winning stylists Sonya and Christopher Dove, known in the hair industry as "The Doves", promote the importance of hair consultations to their own clients as well as to the hair professionals they teach.

Talk First To Avoid Problems Later

Sonya and Chris have explained when they first opened their own salon and started to build clientele they learned very quickly the importance of a good consultation to avoid later problems.  They pointed out that consultations with hair clients are also key to provide a complete visual for the client, which is a very powerful tool.

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The Doves have learned the hard way how important it is to show color photos to prospective hair color clients.   They've shared the story about a client who came into their salon right after they took on a new color line.  They were excited to try out the reds.  When the client asked for red hair they thought a vibrant red violet would look great.

Unfortunately the client had wanted a natural soft copper.   Definitely a different viewpoint on the definition of red.

Hair Cut Miscommunication Dangers

Hair color isn't the only area where miscommunication can occur.  Sonya also tells the story where a client came to their salon and asked to have her hair cut over her ear.  Chris cut around the top of the ear.

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However, it was only after Chris had finished the cut that the client explained she wanted the hair to fall "over" her ear.  Not around the top of it.

The Doves will admit that one of the biggest learning experiences they've had over the years has been to spend more time on the consultation to avoid hours spent correcting mistakes!

Taking Your Own Responsibility For Finding Your Perfect Hairstyle

Although both an initial and ongoing series of consultations are key to finding and maintaining the perfect hairstyle, remember that it's a two way street.  It's a common error for hair consumers to believe they can show up at a salon and expect the stylist to create the perfect hairstyle for them.

While most hair stylists will do their very best to help their clients achieve the perfect style for their hair type, texture, condition, length and lifestyle, they need input from the client.

Yes, a hairstylist can advise about best hair colors to enhance natural skin tone and eye color.  They can also provide great suggestions about the best cut to complement the face shape, work in harmony with hair color and honor lifestyle requirements.  However, it's important to remember that ultimately you have to wear the hair out into the world.

Hairstylists Make Their Living From Providing Hair Services

It's also important to recognize while your hairstylist wants to please you and offer the best of their professional training, they are in the business to make money from providing hair services.  When you're dealing with a tight budget, make sure you explain your financial constraints to your hair pro.

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Consider The Option To Transition Towards Your Perfect Hairstyle

If you and your hairstylist determine your perfect hairstyle to require cutting, color and other hair services, you may wish to schedule them over a period of time rather than having them all done at one time.  You also may want to slowly transition from your current hair length, color, texture and style to your ideal hairstyle.

Secret Of Building A Long Term Relationship For Your Perfect Hairstyle

Although the majority of hairdressers provide both the initial and ongoing consultations at no charge, they have the expectation the hair client will make it worth their time by booking follow-up hair services.  If you have no plans of working with a hairstylist after they provide a no charge consultation, it is honorable if you either tip them for their time or offer to pay.

Once you find a hairstylist who helps you transition towards your perfect hairstylist, let them know you are in for the long haul.  A hair professional who understands they have a client who will be scheduling ongoing appointments will go the extra mile.

After you and your hairdresser have established a trusting and long term working relationship, you can ask them for additional input.  You might ask for their email or Facebook address so you can send them hairstyle images you find in-between salon visits.

Don't abuse your hairdresser's contact information but use it wisely to let them know your ongoing hairstyle questions and interests.

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If your hairstylist is sincerely interested in helping you to find and maintain your perfect hairstyle they will appreciate your efforts to continue to share your hair goals with them.  Remember, a photo always speaks a 1,000 words.

About The Doves

Two of the most respected hairdressers in the World include Chris and Sonya Dove, Creative Directors for Wella.  Known in the industry as "The Doves" for over twenty years Sonya and Christopher have applied their energies and special talents to the field of hair design. Having owned a successful salon in England for thirteen years they have a solid understanding of the concerns and realities facing the salon industry today.

They have created a solid reputation for modern and innovating hairdressing based on the ever-changing fashion trends that demand the changing image of hair.  The Doves' creative artistry and technical knowledge, combined with their unique flair for designing diverse fashion looks is constantly in demand at every U.S. and international hair show, including the spectacular, annual U.S. Alternative Hair Show.

(Image of Sonya and Christopher Dove - "The Doves" - Courtesy of The Doves - Visit their website at: 

Recognized and respected around the world, Sonya and Christopher remain down to earth, fun and dedicated. Increasingly in demand, they also devote time to photographic assignments. Always in demand, these partners credit their success to the seamless blending of their individual strengths and combined style.

Possessing an easy manner, charisma, and the ability to teach, this creative pair takes to the international arena of seminars and show stages as accomplished pros. With a unique flair for presentation, their spectacular shows generate great excitement leaving audiences everywhere begging for more.

Visit for more information on The Doves.

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