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Sassy Hair Twist In Seconds

Regardless of the time of the year, the hair event, or the heat index, it's always nice to have a cute hair twist you can quickly whip your hair up into.

(Image courtesy of Goody - All Rights Reserved)

The twist shown to the side works best for hair which is shoulder length or longer but can be created with some clip-in ponytails.

It can be worn with or without a fringe and random side strands can be gently pulled out on either side of the face to create a softer look.

Great For Day Or Evening

I love this sassy hair twist because it looks great for day or evening.  It's easiest to create when your hair is not too soft or slippery.

If you want to try this cute hairstyle on freshly washed hair be sure to prep with hairspray to give your tresses some grip.  Of course this also works great on hair which has not been freshly cleansed.

How To Create Sassy Hair Twist

1.  Detangle hair with a wide tooth comb to remove knots or snarls.

2.  Direct all of your hair back from the front of your face using a brush or your fingers to create a mid-back pony base.

3.  Hold the base of the newly created pony between the thumb and index finger of one hand. 

4. With the other hand pull the tail up and over the base (you are still holding with your fingers) in a clockwise direction until all the hair is wrapped around the base.  It is your option to wrap the hair loose or tight depending on the style of bun you desire.

5.  Tuck your tail ends underneath the top hair towards the scalp. 

6.  Insert updo pin up from the base of your head and through the ends of the bun.

7.  Once the pin is inserted into the bun gently push it upwards to hold twist in place.

8.  After you have the pin positioned as desired to securely hold the bun in place press the pin downwards.

9.  The Goody will stay hidden in your twist.

10.  Once you have your bun secured to your head you can use your fingers to gently shape the profile or your bun.

11.  Finish with a spray of your Goody.  If you prefer you can add one or two drop of Goody to the palms of your hands, massage well and then swipe over the top of your finished hair bun.


Consider the following options:

1.  To create a different look try lifting the tail straight up in the air and twisting it in a clockwise direction until the tail loops down around itself.  Tuck the ends and then insert the Goody into the base like above.  Twisting the tail section will result in a tighter finished look.

(Image courtesy of Goody - All Rights Reserved - The shine serum from Goody is available in the Marketplace.)updo pin

2.  When creating the bun don't tuck the ends in.  Instead, allow them to flow out over the top of the updo for a slightly different look.

3.  If you prefer, you can use a Goody to secure the base of the pony before you wrap or twist the tail section.  Use a band the same color as your current hair.

4.  Dress up your hair twist by attaching a Goody or updo pin, hair friendly elastic band or hair clip to one side or around the perimeter.  To hold the front hair in place slide on a hair friendly elastic band.

(Image courtesy of Goody - All Rights Reserved - The sparkly combs from Goody is available in the Marketplace.)updo pin

5.  If you have trouble inserting the updo pin opt for securing your twist with a Spider Claw, salon clip or similar.

6.  Create a half up/half down style sectioning just the top section of hair and twisting into a half bun.  Allow the ends to hang down.  Style the rest of your hair as desired.

Remember, there's no right or wrong way to create your hair twist.  Have fun and play with your options.

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