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Rene Furterer And Cori Bardo Combat Poverty

Cori Bardo

Rene Furterer And Cori Bardo Combat Poverty

René Furterer and stylist Cori Bardo have joined forces to support "Beyond Shelter" in their efforts to combat poverty and homelessness by participating in the May 1st and 2nd, 2010 “Big Sunday” event.

René Furterer is donating 1,000 pieces of Fiorvanti shampoo and conditioner to the charity’s efforts for Los Angeles’ annual event. “Big Sunday” brings together thousands of people from Southern California, of all ages and all backgrounds, to work together at hundreds of nonprofits, schools and other agencies that need their help.

Volunteers give away hundreds of gift baskets filled with everything including cleaning goods, toiletries, school supplies, clothing, books, luggage and canned and dry food to those in need.

For Rene Furterer, hair is a living substance, which we care about, improve and beautify.

To this he has dedicated thirty years of his life, thirty years during which his knowledge has been strengthened and confirmed by experience and has developed into a unique philosophy.

About Rene Futerer

In 1979, Rene Furterer joined forces with PIERRE FABRE Laboratories. Thus he was able to benefit from the front-line research and scientific development of this large pharmaceutical company which is also one of the foremost in dermo-cosmetics.

Rene Furterer owes his passion for plants to his childhood in Provence, France, where, while very young he learned their secrets from previous generations. History tells us that the power of plants and some of their properties have been well known for many years. In Provence, Rene Furterer could observe their undeniable curative effects. He noticed that products made from plant extracts and essential oils are unrivaled, and provide surprising results that can be measured quickly.

Rene Furterer consists of a line of more than 50 products, which take into consideration each type of hair & scalp. Today the brand is present worldwide, providing hair the beneficial effects of plant extracts and essential oils.

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Naturally curly folks can tighten curls by spritzing hair w/2 teaspoonfuld of lime juice mixed w/a pint of water. Shampoo & condition & then spritz mixture. The lime's citric acid & oils help contract the outer layer of each curly strand & freshening up the curls. Air dry for extra curly punch.
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