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Hairstyles By Rene Furterer - Midsummer's Night Dream

To celebrate Rene Furterer's 50th Anniversary stylist Philippe Tapprest - World Wide Hairstylist Ambassador - is pulling out all the stops with a haute-coiffure to reflect a brand that blends elegance and nature.

(Hair by Philippe Tapprest for Rene Furterer - Image by Brigitte Baudessen - All Rights Reserved).

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A midsummer's night dream.  The reference to Shakespeare set the tone for a most unusual dramatization.

An ideal dream-like vision of flower-woman adorned in vegetal motifs.  Here styling codes move away from a classic interpretation and hair like a fibre is plaited, smoothed, curled, twirled and entwined with beauty and skill.

Gaia, the goddess Earth a flower women adorned with floral tributes and spectacular foliage displays an innocence amplified by a created fixed with a spritz of Rene Furterer structuring spray and coiled about the head with a few stray strands when the world began.

Soio the sorceress, the archetypal plant made woman wears her hair like a magnificent perfectly smooth and swept over to one side, plaited and enhanced by Rene Furterer Mini Laque and embellished with foliage in perfect harmony with the sophisticated styling.

(Hairstyling by Philippe Tapprest for Rene Furterer - Image by Brigitte Baudessen - All Rights Reserved).

Yoni, a butterfly woman, swathed in ethereal muslin appears in a cloud of fine strands like organic tendrils beautified by Rene Furterer Spray Gloss and accessories by foliage and butterflies, for a girl about to blossom into womanhood.

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