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Hair Shaved Off Of Doctor For Magic Powers

Google news picked up a report by the New York Times written by Daniel Lewis regarding Spanish physican Mario Zarza Manresa who was reportedly kidnapped in the Democratic Republic of Congo and forcibly removed of all his hair.

A Congolese government minister confirmed the actions taken against Dr. Manresa saying all of his hair (head and body hair) was shaved off in the hope it would provide magic powers in battle.

Congolese Information Minister said Zarza Manresa, who was in the country as a tourist, had been "shaved completely by Ibrahim (a rebel leader) who believes in magical fetishes made with head hair and body hair of whites.

The Spanish Foreign Ministry confirmed Saturday  the doctor, who was traveling through the vast Central African nation, had been kidnapped.  Dr. Manresa was seized on April 1 while traveling down the Congo River on a boat that was overrun by rebels.

Gunmen from Congo's plethora of rebel and pro-government armed groups often adorn themselves with trinkets or traditional garments before heading into battle, in the belief that they will protect them from the bullets of the enemy.  Some believe wearing fetishes will turn bullets into water.

Fishermen in the area had seen the doctor and said he was well even though all of his hair had been removed.

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