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Shear Genius 3 Finale Recap And The Winner Is?

First of all, if you are planning to watch the Shear Genius 3 Finale and haven't, don't read any further because I will be revealing the final winner of the Reality TV Show in this blog.  I had to spoil it for anyone so I am warning you to stop reading now......

(Image of Shear Genius 3 Contestants with Camila Alves (Center) and Judges Kim Vo and Jonathan Antin with advisor Orlando Pita - Bravo/TV - All Rights Reserved)

The show kicked off with Camila telling Brig, who won last week, that her work would be featured on the Allure Wall of Fame.

Oddly, the photo they used was not of Brig's models, but of Brig in her pose.  I thought that was odd because she won for a total story of three models, not just her photo.  Right?

There was also a brief montage of clips and images from the last ten episodes.

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This final show was very fast paced.  There was no Shortcut Challenge like all the other shows in the series.

Fashion Designer Henry Duarte

The guest judge as well as the Final Elimination Challenge was announced almost immediately.  Fashion Designer Henry Duarte was introduced to the three finalists, Matthew, Janine and Brig.  Yes, somehow Brig has managed to remain in the competition until the Final Three.

(Image of Final show Fashion Hair from Matthew - Bravo/TV - All Rights Reserved)

Camila told the three contestants they would be styling six models for a Henry Duarte Fashion Show the following evening.  They would each have two assistants to help them get all six models ready.  The contestants would have three hours and then on a second day three more hours to finish.

Assistants Were Introduced - Brig Gets First Picks

The assistants were introduced and included former SG contestants Faatemah, Arzo, Brian, Jon, Amy and April.  Since Brig won the Elimination Challenge last week she got to pick the first two assistants and then got to pick who would go after her in the selection process.

Brig picked Faatemah because she didn't want Faatemah's great talent to be used against her by Janine or Matthew.  She also picked April whom she had been close to before April went home and because Brig said April had a lot of experience at runway shows.

(Image from Brig on Final Show - Bravo/TV - All Rights Reserved)

Brig Gives Second Picks To Janine

Surprisingly Brig then gave Janine the next pick instead of Matthew.  Janine picked Arzo and Jon because he's "fast" with hair.  I thought she would have done better with Faatemah but Arzo and Jon were great selections.

Matthew was left with Brian (so good to see him back on the show) and Amy.

Each of the three contestants had ten minutes to meet with Henry to discuss his vision of the show and how they might honor his designs with their hairstyles.  Actually Henry was very nice and friendly.  He seemed to get along well with all three of the SG contestants.  It was unclear if he liked any of them better than the others.

Three Hours To Do Initial Hairstyling

The three set to task.  They had three hours to do their initial work.  Matthew got busy with coloring his models' hair along with the help of Amy and Brian.  Janine set all of her model's with her trademark zig zag pinning.  Brig was using a wider color scheme and pieces of hair attached under acrylics.

Orlando Pita walked around and threw some doubt into Janine's plan to send her models home with their hair set in pins.  Janine held her ground and asked all of her models to please be careful overnight.  Janine also asked Jon to get a good night's sleep.

Brig Gives Janine And Matthew A Dollar Each

A shot of the three contestants at the condo showed Brig giving Matthew and Janine a dollar each so "they didn't go home empty handed."  What???  Bizarro but not unexpected from Brig.

(Image from Brig on Final Show - Bravo/TV - All Rights Reserved)

When the three stylists reported back to the salon Janine discovered her models had all done a wonderful job of preserving their pinned sets.  She and her team worked feverishly.  Henry came by and complimented Janine.  But he also complimented Matthew and Brig.

Camila Made Introductions To Fashion Show

The actual show was started with Camila making the initial introductions.

Brig's hair went down the runway first and it was a drastic set of six looks utilizing plastic and acrylics.  She said her inspiration was comic books and Bjork.

Matthew's hair was next and was drop dead gorgeous.  He had an incredible Mohawk and zippered looks.

Janine was last and her hair was big and beautiful.

The Judges Weigh In

After the fashion show the three contestants met with the judges who gave them their usual feedback.  Camila Alves was the most negative of all three contestants.  Jonathan did not like Brig's hair but loved Matthew's.  He said Janine's work was good but not great.

Linda Wells of Allure Magazine was on the judge's panel and she seemed to love all three of the contestant's work but for different reasons.

(Image from Janine on Final Show - Bravo/TV - All Rights Reserved)

Kim Vo was not a fan of Matthew's work as much as Janine and Brig.  Camila had negative things to say about all three.

Camila Was Most Negative Judge

I know everyone says Camila is a sweetheart but in this episode I did not like her as a judge at all.  I thought she was inappropriate with some of her feedback to all of the contestants.

The three contestants left the room so that the four judges could talk.  Kim Vo and Jonathan got a little heated in their discussion of Brig's work.

Brig told Matthew and Janine that the good news was they never had to go through judging again.  So true.

Final Three Called To Podium One Last Time

The three were called to the podium.  Matthew was dismissed and the final two was Janine and Brig.  Brig was the winner.  Janine came in second.  It was a complete and total shock.

After Brig won the rest of the SG contestants came out to congratulate her.  The show was finally over and Season 3 had come to a close.

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