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Shawn White, Rosario Dawson Present Taylor Lautner With Favorite Movie Actor Blimp

As slime bubbled down the walls and a green moat bubbled below the main stage podium Rosario Dawson dressed in a very cute white dress with her hair worn down in waves and Shawn White laughed and waved to the audience.  The cameras caught girls screaming for Shawn.

Shawn was the first to speak and said "alright, we're really excited to be here and hand out the very first award of the night."  Rosario said "whooo, not only that but we're the first inhabitants of Slime Island."  Shawn said "wait a minute, does that mean that one of us has to get voted off?  Cause I just got here and I'm not ready to go home yet."

Rosario said "Shawn did you do a double mixed twist 360 without a helmet again?  Because at the KCA nobody gets voted off.  Winners get voted on. Like one of these four nominees."  Shawn said "but seriously, don't vote me off."

Rosario said "the nominees for Favorite Movie Actor are: Zac Efron, Taylor Lautner, Shia LeBeouf, Tyler Perry.

Shawn said "alright everybody.....and the winner is....Taylor Lautner.

Taylor was in the audience.  The crowd went wild as he walked up to the podium.  He was wearing a suit.  He gave Rosario a big hug.

Taylor laughed and said "thank you everyone.  Is this happening?  I have to admit.  I have always dreamt of winning one of these orange blimps.  Seriously.  And I can't believe I'm finally holding one.  And it's all because of you and your tremendous support.  Thank you so much.  i wouldn't be here without all of your help and I definitely wouldn't be holding one of these.  I share this with all of you.  Thank you everyone."

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