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Sugar And Salt Oh My!

As I mentioned in a previous blog I am trying to eat healthier this year than ever before.  Unlike past health kicks, this time around I am going slow and trying things to see how they work for me.

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I haven't bought into any formal type of program or hooked up with any experts.  I am just cherry picking from information and research that seems to ring true for me, my lifestyle and my own health history.

Luckily other than a few random food allergies and chronic candida which I've had since I was 15 and exposed to massive antibiotics, I am pretty healthy.

I attribute my good health to many years of bodywork, acupunture, herbs, meditation and other hippy dippy practices, my friends and family tease me about.  But hey, if it works, don't know it.  Right.

Especially for a known workaholic like me who has a tendency to push my body to the wall at times.

Recently I was doing research on high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) and wrote and article about it for one of the other publications I contribute too.  It convinced me that if I really wanted to indulge in sugar that white cane sugar was the lesser of two evils.

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Actually after additional research I personally believe molasses, maple syrup and even honey are better.  Because of my chronic candida I really can't indulge in much of anything too sweet but definitely not HFCS.

After everything I've read and researched, I think HFCS is at the root of many of the weight related and health problems in the United States at the current time.   HFCS is the number one source of calories in the U.S. and causes far more damage than white sugar.

I also believe it is part of the picture with regards to the epidemic of diabetes cases.

The other food additive I've learned to wean myself away from is salt.  Oprah Winfrey has talked publicly about her own battles with the salt shaker.  Recently I began experimenting with unprocessed and unrefined sea salts and Himalayan salt.

After extensive research I discovered that commercial salt is highly processed and heated to very high temperatures and has many additives added, which are also potentially toxic. So it would be wise to avoid processed foods with conventional salt added.  Plus the added problem with water retention and other issues.

Research shows that unprocessed salts, unrefined sea salts and Himalayan salt can be an important part of a healthy diet. I have started to use Himalayan salt and I find it is just as good as the old salt I used to eat but much higher quality.

Meanwhile I will continue onward in my quest for a healthier diet and lifestyle and continue to share my findings as they evolve.

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