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Diane Sawyer And Oprah Share Worst Interview Stories About Joaquin Phoenix

Last week before the craziness of The Oscars hit, Oprah Winfrey had news maven Diane Sawyer on her Friday show.  It was fascinating to watch because Diane seemed so sincere and appeared to really open up about her life as a news person.

At one point Oprah and Diane shared war stories about their worst interviews ever.

Oprah said to Diane tell us "your worst interview"  Diane responded with "oh dear, I've had so many."  She paused and said "you know the worst ones really tend to be, tend to be celebrities, because they're so shy.  I don't know why we think they'd be able to come on talk shows.  Cause the definition, you know better than anybody, what that is.  The interior to have everything all folded in."  She demonstrated folding her arms and tucking her face into her chest.

Diane continued "and so to be sitting there with somebody who just can't talk."  She said "I remember Joaquin Phoenix, you know who he is? It's a struggle and then he just gets in my lap at one point."  She laughed "in the interview because there's nothing.  There's kinda nothing more for us to do."

Oprah said about Joaquin "I had to go and pull him out of The Green Room here.  And John Travolta is holding him up on stage."

Diane said "yes, yes."  Oprah "because he obviously doesn't like doing this." Diane "Barbara Walters said Warren Beatty was her worst.  Soooo."  Diane asked Oprah "do you have a worst?  And absolute worst?"  Oprah said "I don't think so.  I don't think an absolute worst.  But I will tell you, that when people are shy and they come on a talk show and don't want to talk."  Diane said "riggght"

Oprah continued "very irritating"  The audience laughed along with Oprah.

It was an interesting exchange from a number of viewpoints but one of the most interesting points was the fact that Joaquin Phoenix made news in late 2009 when he appeared on "The David Letterman Show" and appeared to have an interview meltdown.

To read more about Joaquin's David Letterman appearance check out:

Based on what Diane and Oprah shared about Joaquin, it appears he is incredibly shy and hates doing talk shows.  Which makes you wonder why he even bothered to go on Letterman if he hates the entire exercise?

Diane and Oprah also exonerated the actor somewhat by revealing how incredibly shy he is and how he freezes up when faced with talking on a talk show.

Interesting snippet of commentary, at least I thought so.

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