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Actress Vera Farmiga Of "Up In The Air" Never Recognized By Anyone

Ryan Seacrest greeted Supporting Actress Nominee Vera Farmiga, wearing a sculpted ruffled strapless red Marchesa gown with a small train by saying "Vera Farmiga from "Up In The Air" how are you darling?"

Vera leaned over and pulled on her gown and said "Hello Ryan Seacrest.  My dress".  Was Ryan stepping on it?  Maybe so. Vera's gown was almost swallowing her up with the massive ruffles.

(Image of Vera Farmiga - - - All Rights Reserved)

Ryan said "so good to see you" and Vera returned the compliment parroting back "so good to see you."

Ryan asked Vera "so we've been in the run and gun offense here for the last few minutes.  What has your day been like leading up to this moment of walking up these stairs into The Kodak Theatre? "

Vera said "it's been really mellow."  Ryan "It's been chill?"  Vera "Chill, yeah.  Yeah, we had breakfast at Earth Cafe"  Ryan "could you even get in the place?  It's always so packed."  Vera said "uh huh, you can at 6:30 in the morning."

Ryan said "oh come on.  Did they recognize you?"  Vera said "no, no, I'm never recognized.  No one ever recognizes me."

Ryan said "What live in New York?"  Vera "yeah, I live in upstate New York."  Ryan "You live in upstate New York.  So when you're home and you're walking through the neighborhood, in your house or in your building, do people sort of get in awe when they're in the elevator with you?"  Vera shook her head no.

Ryan "come on.  They don't even recognize you?"  Vera kept shaking her head no.  She said "no, no, no, no".

(Image of Vera Farmiga - 2010 Academy Awards Red Carpet - - - All Rights Reserved)

Ryan said "I don't buy that."  Vera "I had to tell a driver, a recent driver of mine that I was nominated for an Oscar and he said 'oh for what?  For costumes?' Noooo.  He said 'For make-up?' Noooo."

Ryan said "that's charming."  Vera "yeah".  Ryan "What movie do you like, obviously "Up In The Air" the one that you're in.  But outside of that.  Which one do you think is going to be a real winner tonight?"

Vera said "The Hurt Locker" without any hesitation.  Ryan said "The Hurt Locker"  Do you think that's going to win Best Picture?"  Vera "perhaps."

Ryan "who do you think wins Best Director?  You've got Katherine and Jimmie?"  Vera "Katherine's got my vote."

(Vera Farmiga wearing a long ruffled Marchesa red gown - - - All Rights Reserved - ABC)

Ryan "there are others, but that's the real race."  Vera shook her head in agreement.  Vera repeated "Katherine's got my vote."  Ryan "why should she win?"  Vera "I forgot about Jason Reitman....Ohhhh."  Ryan "now wait a minute."  Ryan "why should she win?"  Vera "I just misstepped."  Ryan "you did not.  You're recovering.  It's all about the recovery."

Ryan "and tell me about your dress."  Vera "my dress is a Marchesa."  Ryan "oh Marchesa...good.  I want to warn you.  You have seen the stage?"  Vera "yes, it's treacherous."  Ryan "it's really dangerous.  It's white and there are levels and there are stairs.  How far do we go here."  Vera turned around as Ryan said "I don't know if that's technically a train but it's got an extensions."

Vera "it does but I may not have to walk up...soo."  Ryan "but if you do, good luck."  Ryan "good to see you."  Vera "thank you."

(Image of Vera Farmiga at 2010 Academy Awards - - - All Rights Reserved)

More On Vera's Marchesa Gown

The good news is that Vera didn't have to brave the stage.  The bad news, her dress which some think she pulled off was not a favorite of others who said it was too much like she was wrapped in a roll of Christmas ribbon.

Why did Vera select the gown?  She told ABC's that "as you know we've had a brutal winter back in New York and it reminded me of a flower in bloom."  She said "nice to get the sleeves off.  Nice to defrost a bit."

Her hair mostly won kudos because it worked with the gown.  Her light cinnamon brown hair was swept up and off her face and swirled down into a full nape level chignon that seemed soft and airy and elegant.  She kept her accessories to a bare minimum only wearing earrings.

Did she pull off the dress?  It depends on your own personal tastes and opinions.  However, if you're going to wear a big gown like that, keeping the hair simple but elegant and pulled into a chignon was a good decision.  Minimal accessories is also a good decision.  Vera is certainly tall enough and striking enough to pull off the look.  I think she looked gorgeous.  But then that's my own humble opinion.

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