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Mariah Carey Shows Off Her Legs And Girls On Oscar 2010 Red Carpet

Ryan Seacrest interviewed Mariah Carey on the 2010 Oscar Red Carpet for E!  Mariah was in the movie "Precious".  Ryan pointed out to Mariah that "Precious" just won for best film at the recent Independent Spirit Awards.

Ryan said "of course with Mariah is her husband Nick Cannon.  So let's start with the lady in the dress."  Ryan held up Mariah's hand.  Ryan said to Nick "you tell me what it was like getting ready for tonight."

Ryan asked Nick to interview Mariah on what it took to get ready for the Red Carpet.  Ryan handed Nick the microphone and Nick said to Mariah "what do we have to go through (to get ready for tonight?")  then Nick said "I sit around until the last five minutes."  Mariah said "and then he walks about" Nick interrupted "in my drawls" and Mariah said "and everybody's like" and then Nick interrupted and said "it's like a thousand people making sure this (he pointed to Mariah) is perfection".

Unfortunately Nick and Mariah were both talking at the very same time so it was hard to understand what either of them were saying but the bottom line was that it appears there is chaos in their house while they are getting ready for the Red Carpet.

Ryan then backed up so the camera could pick up the very high slit in Mariah's dress which was a dark blue, almost a purple. Ryan said "come on Mariah" and Nick appeared to say "what is all that?" as if to object to Mariah flashing her leg on TV for the cameras.

There was a silver brooch pinned right about the slit area.  Mariah's hair was worn long with soft waves cascading down around her shoulders and extending from a center part.  Her hair was a very light caramel with blonde highlights and lowlights.  She looked really fantastic.

Mariah said about her leg "that's the look of it.  That's a rarity right there.  We have to feature it."  Ryan said "are you strapped in (to your gown) in any way?"  Ryan asked what would happen if there was wind, which might blow the dress up.

Mariah said "I was concerned about that (wind and a wardrobe malfunction) so I had them build a bodysuit because I love Marilyn but I was concerned about a Marilyn moment (when her dress blew up) because this (her dress) is kinda thin."

Ryan "you're obviously a fan of glamour.  But you were very vulnerable and unvarnished in "Precious"

Mariah "oh I was varnished.  It just wasn't a varnish that I liked.  Red eyeliner and stuff is not pretty.  And a moustache, moustaches put on your face.  I mean, you guys look good with moustaches."

Ryan asked Mariah "Would you ever play a role like that again?  After seeing it?"  Mariah said "oh...I'm caught" (her diamond bracelet appeared caught on her dress and Nick was helping her get undone.

Mariah said "diamonds are a girls best friend" and she smiled wide for the camera.

Ryan said "I didn't know you were referring to the diamonds, but yes, we have some best friends here."

Mariah "we do."  Ryan repeated his question "would you ever play a role like that again?"  Mariah "I would definitely.  I mean I wouldn't want to be redundant.   I would play a role that was stripped down.  I feel like this movie was a classic for all time and will really help a lot of people.  Soooo."

Ryan "Mariah, you know we love you."  Then Ryan said to Nick "I was sitting there at a little show that we call "American Idol" and you were sitting in the audience in the front row.  What were you doing there?"

Nick "Man, I came to take notes baby.  I got talent.  I gotta take notes."

Ryan "I love it."  To Mariah he said "I like your husband."  Ryan said "be careful with all of that now."  Ryan said "see ya sweetheart" and Mariah waved as she and Nick move on down the Red Carpet.

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