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Ken Paves Tells Oprah He's Embarrassed And Ashamed Of His Industry

Today Oprah Winfrey did an interview with Jessica Simpson which lasted the first 20 minutes of her one hour daily show.

Oprah discussed all the controversies Jessica has had to endure including the recent "Kiss and Tell interview in Playboy Magazine with John Mayer about Jessica".

(Image of Ken Paves With Mom Helen and Beauty Team - Ken Paves - All Rights Reserved)

At one point in the interview Oprah looked down at Celebrity Hairstylist Ken Paves sitting in the audience during Jessica Simpson's interview about her struggles with her weight, the media and her new reality TV Show "The Price Of Beauty."

Oprah said "Ken Paves is the Big Kahuna of Hollywood Hair.  He's been on our show, just a bunch of times.  And just one of the nicest, most gentle people."  Jessica "yes he is."  Oprah "and creative, kind spirit, all of that.  He was on the Beauty Trip with Jessica."

She addressed Ken "and you have strong feelings about now how Americans define beauty.  What did this trip do for you Ken?"

Ken, who was sitting in the audience right near Oprah and Jessica on the stage, said "well this trip for me, really.  I actually came back a bit embarrassed.  And a bit ashamed of the industry that I'm in.  Because in the industry I've been a part of and so proud of, in the beginning, has alienated so many people and done exactly what is done to Jessica and many of the women who sit here."

He continued the industry "made them feel like they don't fit within that idea of beauty.  And really, what we learned, and what I always felt, having the honor to work with you and the show, is celebrating real women, real beauty.  Individual and unique beauty.  And looking around at the audience when I came out here I almost fell over.  Because this is beautiful.  This to me is what beauty it."

Oprah said "Look at the audience. It's multicultural."  Jessica said "I know. It's so beautiful."  Oprah it's "amazing."

Ken "but this is modern, true beauty today.  And that's what we learned.  To tell you the truth.  To be on this trip with my friend (Jessica) who is one of the dearest people in my life, who I get very defensive for her.  But to watch her grow on this mission and become so okay with herself and who she is, was the greatest part of this journey for me."

Oprah said "wow."  Then Oprah said to Jessica "so you said you were searching on this journey for the deeper meaning of beauty.  And what did you find?"

Jessica "that nobody else can define it but myself.  Nobody's words, nobody's compliments, nobody's love, none of that.  It's all what I have in myself.  But I really just finally relaxed and I don't care what people have to say about my weight.  I really don't.  Cause I think I look great."

Oprah "I think you look great too."  Jessica "thank you."

Oprah pointed out the Universe has a way of testing us to see if we got it and she told Jessica "I guarantee" that next week there will be more stories to test you and "it really is just a test.  That's all it is.  And I hope you have cause you look beautiful."

Jessica "thank you very much." Oprah said "The Price Of Beauty" premieres on VH1 on March 15th." She thanked Jessica and then she thanked Ken for being on the show.

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