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Jessica Simpson Says Mom Jeans Sparked Idea For New Reality TV Show

The always gorgeous (in my humble opinion since I have met her in person and she is truly stunning) Jessica Simpson visited Oprah Winfrey for the first time in five years today to talk about her famous "Mom Jeans" which thrust her into a media frenzy for one year over her weight.

Oprah pointed out the Mom Jeans sparked an idea for Jessica to create her new reality TV show about beauty called "The Price Of Beauty."  Oprah showed a clip of the new reality show which features Jessica and "her two best friends, Casey Cobb and Ken Paves by her side."

Oprah said that "along the way" of their travels the friends "discovered the beauty rituals and traditions of everyday women around the world.  In each country they met up with a beauty ambassador who helped them navigate the territory."

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Clips were shown as Oprah narrated of Jessica, Ken and Casey in Morocco where a woman was balancing candles on her head.  In the clip Jessica expressed disbelief the woman had the candles on her head, but eventually, as the clip showed, Jessica was doing the same thing.

Oprah pointed out "in seven different countries Jessica and her friends learned the lengths women will go to in the name of beauty.  In Japan they tried fish eating pedicures (outlawed in Texas by the Texas Cosmetology Board).  In India they attempted to swallow a detoxifying beverage made of cow urine."

There was a funny clip of Jessica's reaction to cow urine.  Oprah said "in Morocco Jessica had an 'aha moment'."

Jessica said "I definitely walked away from Morocco respecting myself more and I'm interested in learning more about myself and what I value in myself.  And letting that be the beautiful part of me rather than putting on the makeup or wearing the right designers.  It really is about the heart of a woman that makes her beautiful."

Oprah pointed out beauty "is all about illusion.  It's all about what we say it is, what they say in..... (she named some countries). It's just whatever you say it is."  Jessica agreed "yep."

Oprah pointed out "Jessica's global beauty tour also took her to Paris where she met with a famous anorexic model" who weighs 62 pounds and is trying to overcome her anorexia."  Jessica said in the clip being shown by Oprah she wanted "to sit down with the model and hear her story."

The clip showed tears running down Jessica's face when she listened to the story of the model who became anorexic as the result of a fashion designer who told her to lose weight which resulted in her almost dying and being in a coma.

Jessica said "I wanted to sit down and just hear her story" and her story "was really sad to me.  The pressure you feel when someone is telling you that you need to be more skinny or you could look better.  I know that can effect you because I've been criticized, I've been told I was fat.  And the way that it affected her was.  It scares me, it scares me for a lot of people out there that battle an eating disorder."

Jessica told Oprah she was deeply affected by that experience.  Jessica agreed with Oprah "absolutely, I cry.  Oh my god. It makes me very emotional (Jessica had tears welling up in her eyes) because just the pressure that women feel to be thin, to be beautiful.  Pressure that the media puts on women is so unfair and so disgusting.  And if I can do something to make it better for people....  And that's the reason why I did the show.  Why I did this."

Oprah asked "have you ever struggled with an eating disorder?"  Jessica said "Uh, nooo, I've tried every fad diet.  Every diet there is, but never to the extent where it's unhealthy."

Oprah "do you mind saying what size you are?"  Jessica "four.  I fluctuate from four to six."  Oprah "what were you in those jeans (the mom jeans)?"  Jessica "those jeans were a size four."  Oprah "the mom jeans?  You were a size four in those jeans and people were calling you fat? Those are a size four?"

Jessica "yeah, they are.  But I'm 5'3" and."  Oprah "you're largest size has been what?"  Jessica "a size six." Oprah said "iii, yii, yii."  Then Oprah repeated the sentiment.

Jessica said "this country is nuts.  And I don't want other people to feel fat if they're a size or whatever size they are."

Oprah "oh my god, eight is a goal."

Note: The "Price Of Beauty" reality show with Jessica Simpson, Cacee Cobb and Ken Paves premieres on March 15th on VH1.  Don't forget to check it out.

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