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The Bachelor's Gia Allemand Proves Her Lips Are Real

Ellen Degeneres, who is a big fan of ABC's "The Bachelor" had the latest bachelorette castoff, Gia Allemand, on her show today.

Gia, who reportedly grew up on Staten Island, was wearing a black thigh length jumpsuit over a white top with her chestnut brown hair long and loose.  She came running out onto the stage and started dancing with Ellen before giving her a hug and settling down into the famous interview red chair.

(Image of Gia Allemand - The Bachelor - - All Rights Reserved)

Ellen greeted beautiful brunette bombshell Gia Allemand by saying "Oh Gia, Gia, Gia.  How are you?"  Gia said "Good.  I got a little emotional back there watching the clip (of Bachelor Jake Pavelka, 32 sending her home)."

Ellen "well you're not catching up like all of us.  I guess you finished a few months ago but now you're watching what's really going on.  You didn't see all that other stuff."

Gia "yeah.  I'm definitely reliving it all over again."  Ellen "really?"  Gia "yes"  Ellen "now are you over him or do you feel?  Do you have feelings for him?"  Gia "You know, it too, me awhile when I got home.  I didn't really go out much.  Actually I didn't go out.  And then."

Ellen "Well you can't go out because you can't reveal whether he picked you or not."

(Image of Gia And Vienna on ABC's "The Bachelor" - - All Rights Reserved)

Gia "No, you can't.  Yeah."  Ellen "You have to be careful.  There's no way you can flirt or be with anybody or, you know."

Gia "Even if I could I really couldn't have anyways because at that state of mind, my heart broken and everything.  And so then finally I got over it and was moving on and you know, then I was watching the show and Monday night (when she got sent home) I was like hysterical in my hotel room.  So I was like 'on my god' it really hurt."

Ellen "so I was surprised he sent you home.  You must have been really surprised."   Gia "you know I was surprised because I was finally like took that extra step and opened up to him and I wasn't doing that like as much as he needed the whole time.  So I was surprised on that.  But the other two girls were...they're amazing and I knew that like they had developed a really strong relationship with him."

Ellen "Yeah, I mean I think that would be unbelievable because you're all hugging when you finally are the people left and you're thinking 'you're hugging' and 'you're my competitor.

I don't want you to be around.'  But you've been really classy about what you said.  Now was it surprising when you saw him.  Well obviously you knew that he went to the Fantasy Suite with the other women.  But is that hard to watch?   Should you choose to forgo staying in your own room?"

(Image of Gia And Vienna on ABC's "The Bachelor" - - All Rights Reserved)

Gia "Uh, yeah, I guess because while I'm there I'm thinking I'm the only one, so it wasn't hard at the time in St. Lucia, but being home and watching it I was like 'wow'.

Ellen "And you've got to be wondering what's happening in that bedroom with that girl.  Right?"

Gia "I looked at it and I thought it was the same bedroom.  I as like 'is that the same room?'  Ellen "Yeah, it was different rooms.  I thought that was at least nice.  But they were different places."  Gia laughed and said "they changed the lines."

(Image of Gia on ABC's "The Bachelor" - - All Rights Reserved)

Ellen "But still that's just got to be so weird." She made a face and then Ellen said "Alright and who do you think he's going to end up with?"

Gia thought for a second and said "let's see.  They're both great girls and I think that Tenley would be the obvious choice because they have so much in common.  But Vienna, when they're together, from being on the 2-1 date with her, just, it just goes."

Ellen "really?"  Gia "oh yeah."

Ellen said "he (Jake) says they have that chemistry."  Gia "I like her (Vienna) a lot.  I think she's a really good person."

Ellen asked "are you dating now?"  Gia "um, I'm actually going to have my first date next week."  Ellen "really, you're very first date?"  Gia "my first date in awhile."

Ellen then told Gia she was giving her an opportunity to disprove rumors about plastic surgery and "people saying things in the press" about "cosmetic surgery and things" and "you brought a picture to show that your lips are your lips and people have given" you "a hard time."

(Image of Gia on ABC's "The Bachelor" - - All Rights Reserved)

Ellen showed a photo of a dark haired Gia at nine years old with the same full lips she has now. Ellen said "so these are not injections of any kind.  These are your lips."  In response to whether or not she had lip injections she said "nooooooo."

I thought it was interesting that Ellen didn't ask Gia if she wanted to be the next Bachelorette.  Is that because Ellen has a preference for Ali who was only earlier in the week or because Kellie Pickler wants to be the next Bachelorette.  Or maybe Ellen knows something we all don't.  Afterall, she hangs with all the big dogs now.

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