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Serena Williams Is Perfectionist, Doesn't Set Goals But Thinks About Having Babies

Bonnie asked Serena "besides something so amazing like this (her two schools in Africa) what would be a next goal for you?"

Doesn't Set Goals

Serena "well the next goal for me is to...umm, ummm.  I don't know.  I don't really set goals for myself."  Bonnie "What??? Is that a joke?"

Serena "I don't.  You know what.  Cause I get nervous cause if I don't reach it I get really upset. I'm a perfectionist and I want to be so perfect."

Bonnie "I know you are."

Serena "I don't know, my next goal is just to, I don't know, working to pay off my mortgage."  Bonnie "What about.  Do you ever see yourself getting married, having a family, do you like think about that stuff?"

Would Love To Have A Baby

Serena who is currently dating actor/rapper Common said "I do, I do.  I would love to have a baby and every time I see a woman walking around pregnant I'm thinking 'oh my god I could never do that.' Like how are you walking?  Like my back.  I look at them and my back starts hurting.  I'm like 'oh my gosh' so I'm like, that's as far as I've gotten with that (having a baby).

Laughing "but eventually, maybe one day I'll get there.  Ummm, but that would be awesome."

She continued "I have two little dogs that  I take care of and they're so cut, I love them."

Dogs Are A Good Stepping Stone

Bonnie "Dogs are a good first step."  Serena "It is.  And sometimes I forget em. I like, one time.  Well one time I was in the locker room.  I had, like I carry them in a little bag and then I had my tennis bag and I was busy and I left and I was in the car driving home and I was like 'Oops!' OK, I definitely don't need any kids because I forgot my dogs."

Laughing she said "so I was like OK and I can kinda remember those important things.  I'm just gonna focus on tennis right now.   You know."

Bonnie "At least you're honest with yourself.  That's important."  Serena shook her head in agreement and laughed.  Serena thanked Bonnie for having her on her show.

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