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Faatemah Ampey Tackles Big Pink Hair In Shear Genius Punk To Polished Makeover

The very first short competition the Shear Genius contestants had to do was compete in a Punk To Polished Makeover.  They had just two hours to transform some of the most over-the-top hairstyles I have ever seen gathered in one room.

All of the 12 contestants had to each pick a red scissor box and inside the box was a number.

The number inside the box determined the order that you picked your client.

When Faatemah picked the young woman with the bright pink hair I wondered what she had in mind.

Faatemah hugged her model who said "yeahhh" when she was picked and took her off to begin the transformation.

Did she plan to color her hair or just work with the existing pink hue.

(Image of Faatemah Ampey's Model Before Transformation from Punk to Polished - - All Rights Reserved)

It's important to remember that they only had two hours for their Punk To Polished transformation.

Faatemah's Vision

Faatemah told the camera, as she painted color onto her roots that her vision for her client was something like "I wanted to pull something out that would be like Barbie goes Inner City.  Down and curly ringlety.  I wanted to do something that was constructive and still fun and kinda pinup for her."

Running Out Of Time

At the 13 minute mark Faatemah looked at her client and said "I just want to see if I even want to stick with this."  She had very little time left but was doubting her direction.  She told the cameras "I just didn't like it.  It has to go up in some kind of beautiful style because just down is just a disaster."

(Image of Faatemah Ampey's Model After Transformation from Punk to Polished - - All Rights Reserved)

Jonathan Antin visited Faatemah at that point and said "you're going with a different plan now?"  Faatemah said "yeah" as she continued to work.

Jonathan said "I'm worried about you because there isn't a lot of time left."  Jonathan walked away to talk to other competitors.

Faatemah did comment on Amy.  She said "I definitely think little cute Amy is out of her league.  I kinda on the inside laugh 'oh here we go.  There's always someone who has to bust out their asymmetrical bob.'  It's one of the easiest cheats in hairdressing."

(Image of Faatemah Ampey's Model After Transformation from Punk to Polished - - All Rights Reserved)

What The Judges Had To Say

Jonathan didn't mince words.  He said "I think this is a little bit on the messy side.  Especially for kinda a Vintage vibe.  It's supposed to be perfect clean, at least in this area" and he pointed to the back of the updo which had a large curl.

Bottom Three

When it came time to announce the results Jonathan announced the bottom three.  He called Faatemah's name first.

He said "Faatemah, your hair was messy, it wasn't clean, it wasn't polished at all and you were second guessing your work."  The other two in the bottom three?  Janine and Brian.

Ironically Amy, who Faatemah said was doing a "hairdresser's cheat" with the asymetrical cut was in the top three.

The winner was Amy for doing as Jonathan said "a great job."  Jonathan pointed out that Amy had to deal with a headful of dreadlocks which required a lot of work.

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