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Serena Williams Says Tennis Never Gets Old Even After 25 Grand Slams

Ellen had world champion tennis player Serena Williams on her show on Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010.  Ellen explained Serena had just won her 25th Grand Slam title this past weekend at the Australian Open.  Ellen played a clip which showed Serena falling to the ground and covering her face with her hands in joy.

Ellen pointed out that Serena is the Number One female tennis player in the world.  Serena came out onto the stage wearing a quarter length sleeved, above the knee, maroon hued V neck dress with a black belt and matching heels.  She also was dancing to the music.

Ellen said "I feel like you're always just getting off a plane when you come here."  Serena "I know, right."  Ellen "the last time I saw you I think you hadn't slept all night or something."  Serena "yeah, yeah, I didn't I was partying or something. But I got some sleep just for you last night."

Ellen "You did?  Good, good.  You got sleep?  Well congratulations."

Serena "Yes I did (get sleep).  Thank you."

Ellen "WOW.  Does it get old.  Do you think 'like I'm so good now?  I can just...."

Serena "Noooo.  It doesn't get old.  As a matter of fact, it's funny you say that because when I was playing in the finals this guy randomly yelled out at the other girl 'You can beat her, you know she's not all that good' and I was thinking, and I looked at that guy and I went 'OK' and I didn't lose any games after that.  And I ended up winning.  So it never gets old.

Ellen "Little did that guy know."  Serena "I know.  Exactly.  I hope I didn't ruin his day.  But you know, that's just how it was."

Ellen "Yes.  He should have used reverse psychology.  He should have said 'you're never going to beat her' and then you would have just, slacked off."  Serena "That's right.  Yes."

Ellen "And then your sister Venus is just cheering you on.  That must have been wonderful.  To hear that."

Serena "That was awesome cause I was a little down and out and I was tired and I mean I was a little injured and you know, dealing with a lot of stuff and then I was involved in the third set and the next thing I know Venus was out there and I hear her go 'Come on Serena, you can do it and stay strong' and it made me think of doubles, we have that chemistry and she tells me things and I tell her things.  And then it just kinda motivates each other. So it's cool."

A clip of Venus and Serena hugging after Serena won was show.  Venus was leaning down from the stands and Serena was reaching up from the tennis courts.

Ellen "It probably felt doubly good after the controversy of last year because that crazy situation.  I don't know if you remember, but it was 'football' that somebody called you."  Serena "I think everybody remembers."  Ellen "Well I don't know.  People kinda forget.  Because you know.  But anyway, you got in trouble and got fined and it was just a footnote.  Those things happen all the time.  And that was a very crucial moment for that call."

Serena "You know it ended up being a bad call.  But I tend to get.  That happens a lot.  But you know at the end of the day I was really excited to go from losing in the US Open to winning the Australian Open and just doing what I do best which is I think just play tennis."

Ellen "Yeah, well you do that very well.  Very well.  And do you play every single day?"

Serena "I don't.  Actually when I'm done I usually lose my raquets. Like after that tournament I was 'I don't want to see these raquets for the next few days.  You know cause it's hard.  We play from January until November.  A really really long grueling season and we have to stay fit for the whole year.  For your whole career basically."

After they sat and chatted Ellen had Serena doing a demonstration of hitting balls.  Ellen said "I love that you're in heels."  Serena, when asked, said her serves are about 120 Miles Per Hour (MPH) or so.  She also told Ellen she didn't want to hurt anything with her tennis serves.

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