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Ellen Replays Pink's Performance At 2010 Grammy Awards And Disses For Coverage of Andy "Mr. Piano Keys Jacket"

During her time sitting in her chair before introducing her guests, Ellen Degeneres on Tuesday, February 2nd, discussed the Grammy Awards with her wingman Tony and her audience.

She said "I don't know what happened yesterday (Monday, February 1st) that we didn't talk about The Grammys but why didn't we talk about The Grammys yesterday?"  Tony said "we were just taking it all in."

Ellen "I know, well I wanted to talk about it and so, anyway, we showed taped pieces from it, but we didn't talk about it.  What about Pink?  How about Pink?"

The audience went crazy with applause.  Pink is actually a friend of Ellen's so she was very pleased to hear the audience response.

Ellen said "really amazing.  If by some chance you didn't see it, here she is.  Here's Pink" and Ellen replayed a clip of Pink of spinning up in the air.

Unfortunately she didn't play the entire clip where Pink first appeared on stage and then walked out into the audience and dropped her hood and cloak, but the spinning part was some of the most spectacular parts of the entire Pink performance.

Commenting on Pink's spinning in the air while dripping wet Ellen said "that's exactly how I dry off when I get out of the shower."

Ellen continued "I don't like towels touching my skin.  So I'll hang and spin."  Ellen said "wow that's impressive (about Pink (because most people don't even sing these days and everybody's lip synching so somebody's who doing that (that acrobatics) and singing and doing that (the spinning) is just more impressive.  It's another level.  So if I ever do stand up ever again,  that's how I'm going to do it.  Suspend myself from a ceiling, dip myself in water and when you come see me do stand up I'll look like this."

Ellen showed the audience a mock up of Pink in the air with Ellen's head attached.  It was of course hilarious.

Ellen told her audience that Andy, her tall show page who helps with various stunts, had gotten signatures on his bare legs from various celebrities at The Grammy Awards.  Ellen had Andy come out and sit next to her and Ellen pointed out all the signatures Andy had on his legs from Grammy stars including Pink and Katy Perry.  Andy pointed out that Katy Perry had signed the highest on his legs.

Andy also had signatures from Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber and Stephen Colbert who had signed close to Andy's buttocks at the top of his hip, which is very appropriate for the wildly funny Stephen.   Ellen said to Andy "you look fantastic.  This is what you wore on the Red Carpet.  We (The Ellen Show) made that for you to wear.  And somebody didn't appreciate it., this is for real, this is on their website.  They named you (Andy) one of The Red Carpet's fashion fiascos.  On TMZ.  They didn't even call you by your name."

Ellen said they just called you "Mr. Piano Key Jacket Guy" and "they didn't mention your legs."  Ellen pointed at Andy's piano keys on his jacket and said "all they cared about was that."

Ellen continued "I guess if you're on TMZ, they're used to people not wearing pants.  So they could care less if you're not wearing pants."  Ellen said to Andy "that was really amazing that you let people do that (sign his bare legs with pens).  Really amazing."

Andy said "I had a lot of fun.  People really love you."  Ellen "well I love the music world."  Ellen also showed an amazing Fender guitar that Andy got celebrities to sign, in addition to his bare legs.  Ellen mentioned some of the signatures on the guitar including Wyclef Jean, Usher, Pink and others.  Ellen said that the guitar will be auctioned off on EBay to raise money for the relief efforts in Haiti.  Ellen explained you can go to to find out how to bid on the guitar.

Ellen said Andy also has tips on how to remove magic marker, which is the type of pens the celebrities signed his legs with.

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