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Paramore On Grammy 2010 Red Carpet - Hayley Williams Admits To Girl Fight

For her first Red Carpet interview of the evening Guiliana Rancic interviewed the group Paramore.  Guiliana "so you guys were here a couple of years ago.  Right?"

Paramore's Hayley Williams was the group spokesperson "yeah.  We were here in 2008.  We were nominated for Best New Artists."  Guiliana "who won?"  Hayley "Amy Winehouse won. She took it right out of our hands."

(Hayley Williams of Paramore - - All Rights Reserved)

Guiliana "do you resent Amy Winehouse for winning or are you on good terms?"  Paramore "We're on good terms.  Actually we've never talked to her in our lives but we're going to pop her in the face.  Just kidding."

Guiliana asked Hayley who was wearing her bright orange red medium length wavy hair with a black barrette "are you a tough girl?"  Hayley "I don't know."  She turned to the rest of the band and said "am I a tough girl?"  The guys said "yeahhh."

Hayley then flexed her muscles for Guiliana.  She said "I have alright guns.  I'm doing OK."  Guiliana "have you ever gotten into a girl fight?"  Hayley said "A girl fight?  Uhhh.  In the bathroom in sixth grade.  It really happened."  Guiliana "who won?"  Hayley "meeee.  Who do you think won?"

Guiliana "what was it over?"  Hayley "I don't even remember.  I played basketball with this girl.  Her name was Chelsea."  Then Hayley said "Chelsea I'm really sorry I hit you."

And Hayley waved to the cameras. "I'm very sorry.  I'm not a mean girl, but you know."  And she shrugged her sequined black shoulders.  She was wearing a short black dress with lots of sequins and shimmer.  Guiliana did not ask Hayley who did her gown which was a little disappointing.

Guiliana "You guys are going on tour very soon.  You're going to Australia.  Is that right?  You're actually going to a lot of countries.  What country are you the most excited about visiting?  Let's go down the line?"

Paramore "One of the guys said "Australia, no wait.  New Zealand."  Hayley said "New Zealand.  We've never been to New Zealand.  It's our first time."

The other members said "The Philippines "we haven't been and it's our first time."  Another guy said "Are we going to Singapore?"  Hayley said "yes"  He said "I want to go there."  The last guy said "I guess Japan is the only one left."  The band all laughed.

Guiliana said "we're actually in 110 countries live. The group waved and Hayley said 'hi'  Guiliana said "guys go get tickets and go see them."

Guiliana "so you're nominated tonight for your song from 'New Moon'."  Hayley corrected her "from Twilight"  Guiliana said "Sorry.  You did not choose to be part of 'New Moon' is that true?  Why was that?"

Hayley "honestly it was mostly due to the fact that we had a really good time doing 'Twilight' and it kinda like we did out thing and now we're going to do what ever's next."

Guiliana "kinda just move onto the next thing." Hayley "yeah"  Guiliana "so you're not pegged as doing one thing."

Hayley "right.  We made our own record."  Guiliana "good.  Good advice.  Thank you guys.  Good luck, have fun."

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