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Jeff Bridges Thanks His Longtime Stand In At Golden Globes

Kate Winslet presented Jeff Bridges with his Golden Globe Award.  Jeff was nominated for his turn as a washed-up country crooner in "Crazy Heart".  Kate gave Jeff a big hug when he came up to get his award.

(Kate Winslet and Golden Globe Winner Jeff Bridges - All Rights Reserved)

Jeff, who was wearing a beard and mustache and his hair quite long was dressed all in black.  He accepted his award by saying "Wow."  Then the audience gave him a standing ovation.  It was quite touching to see.  Many of the actors were whistling.

Jeff said "Thank you, thank you.  Wow.  You're really screwing up my underappreciated status here.  Ohhhh.  Thank you guys.  Whoa.  Thank you Hollywood Foreign Press for this.  Uh, time for acknowledging all the folks.  Looking at your sweetheart (his wife)  33 years.  My beautiful wife, get a shot of her, get a shot of her man."  The cameras panned to Jeff's blonde and very beautiful wife.

He said "give me five.  Yep."  She shot him a high five with her hand.  Then he said "and I gotta thank my dad.  You know, he loved show business so damn much.  He encouraged all of his kids to go into show biz.  Me being a young kid.  You know, you don't want to do what your parents want you to do.  But he was like 'no noooo, it's fun, let's go.'  He looked up into the sky and said "so glad I listened to you dad.  I finally paid attention.  And my mama, you know, her time and her love.  You know, she died last year and I thank you mom for being in this room.  We won cha-cha contests in this room.  She talked me into dancing.  I said 'no mama I'm too young to dance' and she said 'come on, you'll have fun."

And now to get to the folks.  Where's Scott Cooper?  Scott Cooper our director.  Thank you Scott.  What a brilliant director.  You gave me such self confidence and man you created such a great vibe for us all to work under.  My sun glassed friend there, T-Bone (Burnett).  Thank you man, all that swinging.  And all of the cast.  The beautiful Maggie Maggie Gyllenhaal.  So wonderful playing with you Maggie.  And Collin.  Collin Ferrell, I see you man.  Bob DuPaul, you had a wonderful group.

And I gotta thank Fox Searchlight for being one of the great distributors that makes sure people are seeing what we did and CAA for helping us put it all together.  Rick Kurtzman, David Shipp, Gene Seavers."

Then Jeff said "I want to thank my stand in Lloyd Catlet.  We're done over 50-60 movies together man.  Thank you Lloyd.   I especially want to thank Steven Bruteman who our movie is dedicated to and he was with me every step of the way, guiding me and inspiring me. Thank all of you so, so much."

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