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Bachelor's Most Shocking Ever Episodes

I've been watching ABC's The Bachelor since the very first episode and was shocked when Trista Rehn was not chosen over Amanda Marsh.

Of course from that point on it took a lot to really shock me.  Looking back, that shouldn't have been classified a shock.  That was more like a small hmmmm.  At least in the grand scheme of Bachelor shocking events in the following seasons.

Although I wasn't shocked when Jason Mesnick dumped Melissa Rycroft, it was because I had been plugged into RealitySteve (who also lives in Dallas where I'm from).  Steve had the goods on Jason, Molly and Melissa and I believed he really knew what was going on.  So when it happened I wasn't surprised.

(Image of ABC Bachelor contestant Rozlyn Papa on 2010 Bachelor with Jake Pavelka - ABC - All Rights Reserved)

Of course ABC is under ongoing pressure to crank up the shock value in order to keep those ratings spiking.  There was a period of time when it looked like The Bachelor was going to be cancelled due to declining ratings.

However, with last season's Jason, Melissa and Molly triangle and now the current Jake, Roz and Ryan Callahan (ABC production crew) triangle, I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop.

One of my friends challenged me.  She said 'hey you're a writer.  Why don't you write some of the most shocking episodes in Bachelor history for the future?'

Letting my warped mind wander I came up with the following potential shockers for the reality TV show (hint: probably scripted and staged reality show):

1.  After The Bachelor narrows his choice down to the two final women they fly off to an exotic resort where it's discovered that the two women have fallen in love.  With each other.  They both leave the show and eventually marry in whatever states allow same sex matrimony.

Perez Hilton performs the wedding ceremony (go Perez) and they all wind up (including Perez) on 'The Celebrity Apprentice' or 'I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.'  Perez includes the experience in his third book about Bloggywood.

2.  The Bachelor goes on one of the home dates with one of the final Bachelorettes and it's discovered the Bachelorette's mother, father, sister, brother or grandmother has seduced him in the limo that transported The Bachelor to the home visit.

It turns out The Bachelor has such a strong inappropriate moment with his new partner they decide to run away together.  The show invites former Bachelor Jason Mesnick to come back and fill in with a chance for a do-over.  Jason's chance for a few more minutes of fame convinces him to dump Molly, again, and fly off to hand out the final rose.

3.  At the Final Rose ceremony the chosen Bachelorette accepts The Bachelor's Proposal but then recants telling the live studio audience (it has to be live) that she is secretly pregnant with the previous Bachelor's baby.  She reveals they met at a Bachelor casting party and confused her birth control pills with aspirins she was taking for her ongoing hangovers.

4.  ABC names Britney Spears to be their first celebrity Bachelorette to help her find a husband.  On her first group date she takes all the bachelors to a hair salon where they are all asked to shave their heads.  Britney joins in and they do a group photo which appears on the cover of Bald And Beautiful Magazine.  On her second group date all the Bachelors go with Brit to a tattoo parlor where they have to design their own tatts to show why they should get the date rose.

5.  The Bachelor decides to do a crossover show with The Biggest Loser.  Yeah, I know, different networks but this is shocking.   Right?  The Bachelor and his bachelorettes are all on TBL to lose weight.  Their group dates include a special evening of sweating to the oldies with special guest Richard Simmons.  The two bachelorettes who lose the most weight at the end of TBL show get to compete for the final rose.

I'm sure I could go on for days with crazy ideas for shocking episodes but this should get some ideas flowing.

Please share your own shocking episode ideas.  I would love to hear them.  And truth be told, so would ABC.

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