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Jennifer Aniston Will Not Visit Cougar Town

Although rumors have been swirling that Jennifer Aniston will appear on TV's hit "Cougar Town" with bestie Courteney Cox, Jen's reps are calling it all rumors.

According to her reps, Jennifer has no current plans to make a guest appearance on Cox's sitcom, although never say never.

(Image of LR Lisa Kudrow, Courteney Cox on ABC's hit show "Cougar Town" - ABC - All Rights Reserved).

The rumors apparently started with Jennifer and Courteney's friend, Lisa Kudrow, popped up as a snarky dermatologist in a recent episode.

Although the tabs and other media outlets reported on Jennifer's alleged deal to guest star, it's all rumors that have gotten out of control.

Although Jennifer did boost Courteney's sagging ratings when she was on F/X's "Dirt", there is no plans, or need for her to help Courteney on "Cougar Town".

Courteney and her co-stars are enjoying good ratings and building a great following.  Actually, I watched Courteney on "Dirt" because my bestie Robert Hallowell was doing her hair.  I though Courteney looked gorgeous on "Dirt" but felt she is much better suited to "Cougar Town" although Robert is not doing her hair for the current comedy hit.

I actually think, in my own humble opinion, Courteney looked  more beautiful on "Dirt" and less so on "Cougar Town" but I like her acting a lot more on the current ABC hit.  I think Courteney is fabulous doing comedy.  I laugh out loud when I watch "Cougar Town".

Of course I'm prejudiced about Robert Hallowell and think he does the best hair on TV.  I admit I'm prejudiced, but after watching him do hair for so many years I think he totally rocks.  I let him cut my own hair which is a big deal for me.  I have trust issues with my hair after having it been trashed a few times by overzealous hairdressers.

Robert has just signed up to do several new shows, including returning to "Weeds" with Mary Louise Parker (who is a living doll) for next season so I will have some upcoming hair scoops from that amazing show.

But in the meantime, Courteney will not be hosting the return of Jennifer, anytime soon.  Again, never say never, but at least Jen won't be showing up now.

As a side note, Jen isn't the only former "Friends" star to turn down the offer. Matthew Perry reportedly refused to romance Court for the comedy in November 2009.

Don't cry for Courteney, "Cougar Town", has been picked up for a second season by ABC network bosses.

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