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Sandra Bullock's Hairstyle At Blind Side Premiere In New Orleans

Sandra Bullock was on Ellen Degeneres right before Thanksgiving of 2009 when her movie The Blind Side first hit theaters.

Not only is the movie a huge hit, Sandy just won a People's Choice Award and it looks like she might win more awards during the upcoming awards season.

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Ellen pointed out that Sandra was getting "rave reviews" for the movie.  Indeed, many people have really enjoyed Sandra's performance in the hit movie.

(Image of Sandra Bullock - Late Show With David Letterman - Sandra Bullock talks to Dave when she stops by the Late Show with David Letterman, Friday, June 12, 2009 on the CBS Television Network. Photo: John Paul Filo/CBS ©2009 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved)

Sandra literally pranced out of her dressing room on Ellen and was wearing a cute black jacket, white tee and tight black pants with high heels.  Sandy, as her friends call her, danced to the music and even slapped her backside.

Her famous brunette hair, which is naturally curly, was worn straight and pulled up off her face into a back double knot twist.  She looked as cute and perky as she always does.

Sandra Bullock Pranced Onto Ellen's Stage

Ellen even commented on Sandra's frisky 'tude by saying "I know know what happened"  Sandra agreed "I don't know what happened, it just came out of me."

Ellen was thrilled "you changed, it was wonderful."  Sandra "was it nice?"  Ellen "You walked out like a supermodel."  Sandra "I know, it was great."  Ellen "yeah, it was really good."

Ellen said "How are you?  You look like you're hopped up on frosting or something like that."  Sandra agreed "something.  I assumed everyone was hearing the same thing I was hearing.  I was rocking out to a little Rob Baz but apparently you weren't hearing the same thing."

Ellen clarified "we were hearing something different."  Sandra "so I hear.  Or so I didn't hear."

Blind Side Made $35 Million First Weekend In Theaters

Ellen said "well you're probably this happy because your movie made $35 million dollars (when it was first released).  Congratulations.  So you make a movie, you're happy, you're proud of it and everybody's talking about how great it is and then it's going to go up against New Moon.

Note: As of January 2010 the movie had brought in over $200 Million, a record for a movie with just one female lead star.  The film also won two Golden Globe nominations.

Sandra "Which I went whatttttttt?  I was like, I didn't want to question anyone's intelligence that was in the marketing department.  But I did.  You know, I don't know how this stuff works.  We were just like, lets make 15 (million).  If we make 15 we can hold on and we can be around for a good while.  But we made 35 (million)."  She smiled and shook her head in pleasure.

(Image of Quinton Aaron and Sandra Bullock as a blonde in a clip from the movie The Blind Side - Warner Brothers - All Rights Reserved)

Then she told Ellen "I didn't make it, but somebody out there made 35 million."  Ellen "You should make it."  Sandra "Tell me about it."  Ellen "Somebody should give her that money."  Sandra "35 million should go to me."  Ellen "Cause you were obviously a big part of why they went to go see it."

Sandra's Hairstyle At Blind Side Premiere In New Orleans

Sandra "But you did us a solid in New Orleans."  Ellen "You had the premiere in New Orleans.  I love that you had it there."  The actress agreed that it was held in New Orleans.  She said "This woman (pointing to Ellen) taped the most fantastic opening for our film for everyone who came and the weirdest thing happened.  I swear to god, I did not see it.  And Ellen said 'I would just like to say hi to Sandra and I love what she did with her hair - and she (Ellen) did this (demonstrated wiggling her fingers down from the back of her head)."

She continued "And everyone was looking at me saying 'did you tell her what you were doing with your hair?' because I decided to do "that" (the wiggly tresses - ringlets cascading from the crown).

(Image of Quinton Aaron and Sandra Bullock as a blonde in a clip from the movie The Blind Side - Warner Brothers - All Rights Reserved)

Sandra said "for no reason I decided to do that" (with her hair - demonstrating long tresses cascading down from her crown).

Ellen said "I thought that was the weirdest thing I could do because I was acting like I could know, cause I taped it days ahead and so I did this (indicated long cascading curls) thinking she'll never have her hair like that."

Coffee And Beignets From New Orleans

Sandra said "I brought you a little something from your people in New Orleans.  She reached over and pulled out a big bag from Cafe Du Monde.  Ellen said "Oh you got me beignets and coffee."  Sandra said "yeah, good stuff."  Ellen was thrilled.

Ellen said "you know what?  I order this?  I drink this coffee here (in LA).  Sandra "do you really?"  Ellen "Cafe Du Monde coffee because it's so strong."  Sandra "You can eat this (beignet) because you're vegan.  Right?"  Ellen "I can have that.  I love that."   Sandra also gave Ellen a Mardi Gras book and told her that the people in New Orleans wanted her to have that.

Ellen said "thank you so much, I'll read it right now."  Sandra "yeah, would you."

Ellen opened the book and pretended to read and Sandra turned to the audience and said "how are you all doing?"  Ellen started reading out loud from the book.

Sandra was getting bored so she said to the audience "35 million dollars"  The audience cheered and Sandra stood up and took a bow.

Sandra said "I don't know what's happening.  It's so weird."  Ellen "you don't need anybody anymore."  Sandra laughed and said "I don't need you people."  Ellen "no, no."

Sandra's Thanksgiving Feast For 60+ People

Ellen asked Sandra "what are you thankful for this year?"  Sandra said "my gosh."  Ellen asked Sandra if she liked Thanksgiving.  Sandra said "Yes.  My neighbor and I decided last year to cook for 65 people.  About 60 of them that we didn't both collectively know.  We did, but we didn't know the other.  And you can't do that.  Unless you run a restaurant."

Ellen "you and another person?"  Sandra "myself and Claire, my neighbor, decided to do this.  We're going to put up a tent in the back and ummmmm.  So this year I'm just going to, I think I'm going to drink a lot of beer and watch football."  Ellen "there you go."

Sandra demonstrated sticking her hand down her pants as if she had eaten too much.  The audience loved her antics.  Ellen said "there you go."  Ellen told Sandra to just unbutton her waist button. Sandra said "If you do it, it feels kinda good.  I don't know why the hand there is necessary but if you do it, it feels comforting.  Right guys?  It's like a little friend."

Ellen started laughing and gave her a funny look.  "What do you mean?  What do you mean you don't know why it feels good?"  Sandra laughed and said "Noooo, I said up here" and she pointed to the top of her stomach rather than in any other part of her pants.  Ellen "ohh, ok."

Sandra said "to the left, right here."  Ellen then pretended to be shoveling dirt over her shoulder.  It was a hilarious interchange between the two women who were obviously enjoying kidding around.

Sandra changed the topic and said "anyway, 35 million dollars!"  The audience laughed as did Ellen.  It was a great subject changer for sure.

Sandra Buying O Magazine With Ellen On Cover

Sandra picked up the issue of O Magazine with Ellen and Oprah on the cover.  Ellen said "This year. Hey did you buy your copy yet?"  Sandra "noo, but all you seem to talk about is this.  Ellen "right.  Because I'm only the second person to grace the front cover.  There was the first lady and then me.  That's a big deal."  Sandra said "The hand thingies.  I saw it, I saw it, I saw it."  Ellen "then be a friend and buy an issue."  Sandra "how about you just give it to me."  Ellen "no.  I'll go buy a ticket to go see your movie if you go buy the issue of O Magazine."

Sandra said "OK I'll buy it, I'll buy it."  Ellen "it's cheaper than a movie ticket."

Sandra "I'll buy it, I'll buy it.  I'll buy two."  Ellen "thank you."  Sandra "I'll take these two (laying on the table between them) and then I'll send you some money."  Ellen "alright."

The Incident With Ellen, Sandra And The Hot Pepper

Sandra said she wanted a copy of Ellen's DVD (DVD Delicious) with all the best moments from her show.  Ellen told Sandra that she was probably on the CD because of the skit where Sandra ate really hot peppers on the show. Sandra said "where you assaulted me with a pepper."  Ellen "that was one of the funniest things."

Sandra said she owned that mistake.  "That hot pepper that I stupidly ate.  I take that.  I own that mistake and then the next morning I owned it even more."

Ellen "I can'e even imagine.  You just needed to drink milk afterward to drink the hot."  Sandra "you guys gave me like a gallon, and sliced cucumbers and bread."  Ellen "well it was you idea from what I remember."  Sandra "whattttt????"

Ellen showed a clip of the movie and Sandra gave a brief synopsis of what the topic of the movie was about and how it's based on the true story of Michael Orr who plays football for The Atlanta Falcons.

Sandra's Thoughts On Adoption

Ellen asked Sandra if the movie made her think about adoption?

Sandra said "you know, I've always felt like, just because a child didn't come from inside your body doesn't mean that it's not your child.  It just arrived somewhere else.   You know?  But the thing that affected me the most profoundly was.  When people think of adopting a child they go 'oh I want a brand new little baby that's perfect."  There are so many children that are just dying and waiting to be loved and to give you love back.  A thousand times more than what you could ever give them and they're everywhere. You would be profoundly amazed at how many children are out there and so waiting for you to love them."

Jesse James On Celebrity Apprentice

Sandra talked about Jesse James.  Ellen asked her if she had watched her husband Jesse on the Celebrity Apprentice.  She said she had.  Sandra said "I never watched the show before and I probably won't watch it after.  It was so painful to watch those weeks.  That was hard to watch.  I don't how they do what they do. I know how he (Jesse) does it because I see him work hard like that everyday but I can't deal with playing games.  Just tell me what my options are. And then you know."

Adopting Animals With Special Needs

Ellen also talked about how Sandra rescues animals with special needs.  A photo was shown of two of Sandra'srescue dogs with special needs.  Sandra said "we have one, Ruby, with two legs.  Ruby is the one on the left.  They were wearing Michael Orr jerseys which he made for them.  Poppy was a little overweight and didn't want to face the camera."

She continued "Poppy has three legs.  Collectively they are basically a dog.  When I fly they ask me to pay separately and I tell them 'noo, noo, noo' the definition of a dog is four legs."

Sandra continued "We've got those too and we have Mr. T, Mr. Tubbs, and Cinnabon.  Cinnabon is a very large tan puppy that takes about that much (she demonstrated) of the bed."

Ellen and Sandra talked about the challenge of sleeping with dogs in the bed.  Ellen said "see I can't sleep with my legs" curved around the dogs.  Ellen said "god forbid we disturb one of the animals."   It was very humorous.

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