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Bradley Cooper Says Papparrazzi Fame Got Old After About 3 Minutes

No question, Bradley Cooper is sizzling hot.  With his beautiful baby blues and blonde hair swept off his drop dead handsome face, it's hard to stop watching the co-star of "The Hangover" and "Yes Man" with Jim Carrey.

In the film "He's Just Not That Into You" he cheats on the gorgeous brunette Jennifer Connelly with the even more gorgeous blonde and sexy Scarlett Johannson.

Even more interesting, his current love partner is blonde and perky actress Renee Zellwegner.

Bradley stopped by David Letterman's show tonight looking incredibly debonair in a suit.  Before he arrive on stage Dave accidentally dropped a pencil eraser into Bradley's water cup and told the audience about it.  After Bradley brought his handsome self onto the stage and sat down he took a big sip of the water.

The audience reacted loudly and Bradley got suspicious.  Dave confessed to the eraser but played it off as a problem with the show's water filter.

Although there was no mention of Renee, Dave did discuss the amazing success of "The Hangover" now available on DVD and recently dubbed the most profitable R-rated comedy in Hollywood history.  The movie which is about four guys on an out-of-town stag party trip to Las Vegas has already taken in over $459M around the world.

Dave asked Bradley how his life had changed since "The Hangover" hit the big time and Bradley said the papparrazzi showed up at his little house in California and one day as he left his home he saw a few guys and heard snapping.  At first Bradley didn't even realize they were there because of him.

Eventually he figured out that all the papparrazzis were taking photos of him and actually thought it was cool.

Once they started following him and doing car chases he decided he didn't like it so much.  In fact, Bradley told Dave the papparrazzi act got old after about "3 minutes".

He also pointed out to Dave that at first he was speeding up behind the photographers and taking photos of their license plates with his phone but they could care less.  Bradley said the papps, as they are known in LA, told him they didn't care.  The actor told Dave he realized that often in car chases one or more cars wind up flipping over and he decided to stop engaging in the chases with the photographers.

Dave asked Bradley how he got his start in the acting business and he said he used to be a doorman for The Morgan Hotel in New York City and applied for a random job with The Discovery Channel.  Even though he had no experience he wound up being a host of some explorations.

As the doorman at The Morgan Hotel, which Dave said was a very hot property, Bradley said one of his biggest challenges was keeping three candles always lite in the lobby.  Bradley explained that the hardest part was keeping the candles from blowing out, which happened every time the door was opened.

Bradley said he was a terrible host on The Discovery Channel, but really enjoyed the different trips he was paid to take.

Although Bradley Cooper had to work hard for years to made a name for himself, he has finally hit the big time and Dave teased him about how rich he got off "The Hangover".  Whether Bradley made a pile of money or not is unknown but his career is on fire and he has become very in demand.  The word on the street is that he has three movies due to be released in 2010 with lots of scripts waiting for his viewing pleasures.

Bradley was also recently on big screens in the title role of "All About Steve", a crazy Sandra Bullock comedy in which she plays an eccentric crossword puzzle addict who becomes convinced that Steve, played by Bradley, who is a CNN cameraman, is her true love.

Bradley spews hyperbole about working with the gorgeous Bullock.  He has referred to working with her on Steve as "amazing", "incredible" and "wonderful.:  Ironically he also co-stars with Ken Jeong in "All About Steve" who was also in "The Hangover."

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