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Ryan Seacrest Welcomes Ellen To American Idol

Ellen Degeneres is close to appearing on the next edition of Fox's American Idol as the 4th judge.

Recently she had her friend Ryan Seacrest, who is the master or ceremonies aka announcer on her talk show.  She announced him by saying "he works so much."  She said she couldn't list all the jobs he has because her show "is only one hour long."

(Image of Ryan Seacrest on Fox/TV's AMERICAN IDOL - Photo by Michael Becker / FOX - All Rights Reserved).

Ellen explained she is doing American Idol because "Now listen, I don't know you do it and you're going to help me learn how to do it.  I love this show, I love this show."  Ryan said "I know you do. Welcome to American Idol."  Ellen said "I am thrilled to be on the show."

Ryan told Ellen "I'm so excited, as you know, we talked about it before. I'm so excited you're going to be there.  It's fun to have a good friend on the show."

Ryan also said "I can't wait to see what the dynamic is like between you and Cowell.  I have noooo idea. Everyone's asking me.  Everyone's asking me what's it going to be like with the two of you because, no doubt, you're very quick, he's quick and not so shy, so I can't wait.  Plus you'll look so much younger next to him (at the judging table) I can't wait to see what it's going to be like with you guys."

Ellen "Yeah, I think that's what everyone's look forward to more than even the judging of the contestants.  It's just Simon and I are going to be. He's opinionated, I'm opinionated and I respect him.  Well we'll see. I just think sometimes he's too mean.  I respect his opinion and I think he's right a lot of the time, but I don't think that's the way you say it.  And so if he's rude, I'll tell him he's rude."

Ryan "I don't have to do anything but just sit back.  God has answered my prayers.  Oh it's gonna be so good."

Ellen asked Ryan why he talks about his weight so much on the radio.

Ellen then showed a photo of Ryan when he was a boy. Ryan "As a kid.  I think we've seen that picture before. You know it's bad when literally you see the audience not just gasp but turn around to the people behind them. Yes! That's the buck cut, the braces, the glasses.   That is me.  That's the way I was."

Ellen asked how old he was in the photo.

Ryan "I was 9 or 10 or 11.  So that's the way I was.  And then I was interviewing Gordon Ramsey, the chef, the other day and he says to me 'oh mate, you have a roll on your stomach.'  And I thought that was really mean to say.  Rude. And of course I didn't let it bother me at the time.  And I tried to make fun of him.  But it stuck with me. Since Gorgon Ramsey said I had a roll, I've been working out extra running and I booked my trainer, Jeff.  He's with me every day.  Like I schedule it like a meeting,  just like a job.  I'm in the gym working out every day."

Ellen "how can you schedule anything?  What time to you work out?"  Ryan "I do it in the evening before I go to bed."

Ellen "before you go to bed at 7:30?"

Ryan "8:12.  I'm usually down at 7:56.  And then it like, OK, I have that window."

Ellen "we're not kidding, cause you get up like at 3 or 4." Ryan "yeah, in the middle of the night.  But you know, I sort of thrive on the craziness."

Ellen "First of all, don't let that get to you because you look fantastic.  And don't start getting all obsessed about your weight because you look great."

Ryan "Well you know, I obsess.  I'm going for the athletic build.  I think 2010 is the athletic look for me.  I'm gearing up for that."

Ellen "Everyone's always seaching for, when I finally have that body, I'll be happy.  And it's like some people's bodies are different.  You know.  And I think what forms us, it's true, you know?  We look at someone else and we think that just because someone else has that body we're able to have it and some people aren't.  And I think when you are that guy when you're young somehow you think you're always that guy.  You're not that guy anymore.  You're adorable, you're handsome, you're funny, you're smart, you're successful."

Ryan "Thank you.  And what a shirt huh?  That rugby Shirt (referring to the shirt he was wearing in the photo. Pretty Cool."

Ellen "seriously I think everybody is molded by that age.  Everyone always hold onto that."  Ryan "In a strange way that drives me.  Being fit and exercising is great.  It makes you better at what you do for a living."

Ellen "And yes it's important, I just don't want you to get crazy about it."

Ryan "OK, I won't"   Ellen "Now lets talk about your new girlfriend. Cause you have a new girlfriend."  Ryan "who, who, who, who, who?" Ellen "I heard"  Ryan "You did?"  Ellen "Yes!" Ryan "Let's just put it this way.  I think it's time I get into a relationship with a woman."  Ellen "Yes, Yes."

Ryan  "And I think that you are.  It's like mom, dad, Ellen.   Everybody has to meet this girl.   But I've learned through the years that I really need to hold out on the meeting of Ellen Degeneres because she's very honest with me about the women that I date.  So after the New Year.  I'm thinking maybe....."

Ellen "Listen, if you have to.... All I'm saying, all I'm saying is when you have to, when you take a shower and take your wallet into the shower with you and don't leave it with the girl.  If you can't leave a wallet in the room with the girl

Ryan "Why are you telling those stories?  Why are you telling those stories?  That was a phone call. That was a phone conversation.  That was a phone call off the air.  Hey hey Ellen Is it bad that I have my eye on the ball when I'm in the shower?  That was supposed to be a phone conversation between us."

Ellen "Well now anyway.."  Ryan "That was ten years ago." Ellen "Ahh hah, we'll never know which girl that was.  Well, I look forward to meeting her.  Somebody you can trust leaving a wallet with."

Ryan "Yes, Yes."  Ellen "And you know we have Robert Pattinson on the show soon and you're obsessed with Robert Pattison."

Ryan "Let me tell you.  It's just this whole New Moon thing.  It's like, I have to admit that I got Twilight, the book a long time ago and read it and thought to myself...'if I could just memorize some of these lines and spit them up at the right time in real life' they,  although it's cheesy, it might actually help a little bit.  But I think every women falls in love with that guy.  That character.  And secretly every guy kinda wants to be as cool and as smooth as that Edward.  So I've been reading.  I've read New Moon, but I've been reading New Moon on the air. And on the radio show the other day I went outside in the court yeard to our forest, one tree, and I was laying on the ground as Bella and you know we were looking for the moon.  And I don't know, I've become sort of obsessed by it."

Ellen "And have you met him (Robert) before?"  Ryan "I've met Edward, Rob, RPats.  He came on the radio show.  He's come on before.  But I think Kristin Stewart's amazing, I think she's fantastic. It's a fun series you know.  And everyone loves romance.  And it's really about romance at the end of the day."

Ellen  "I've seen it already.  Have you seen it?"  Ryan "I have not seen it."  Ellen "I have seen it."  Ryan "And?"  Ellen "And uhhh, I can't say anything." Ryan "I heard, I head something.  At the end.  Really makes you want the next one."

Ellen "The end, you definitely want another one after the end.  For sure. They did that smartly."

Ryan "Where's my wallet?"  Ellen "I can't believe I told that story either."  Ryan "I can't either."  Ellen "So she's at home going uhhhhh?"  Ryan "No, she doesn't live in the States."  Ellen "My show goes to other states."  Ryan "she's not in the States."  Ellen "My show goes to other countries.  Anyway.  What was her name again?"

Ryan "I don't know.  I don't remember. You introduced me to her."

Ellen "And when you play hide and seek. The thing about her is."  Ryan laughed hysterically "oh god."  Ellen "we played hide and seek and...."

Ryan "This was so long ago."  Ellen "and we're playing hide and seek in my back yard."

Ryan "What difference does it make?"  Ellen "Lets say its a different girl.  We're playing hide and seek and there was a bunch of us.  Like ten of us.  Now we all gave up because we couldn't find her.  She was the last one.  And we kept yelling 'we're done, we're done.'  She would not come out.  She had covered herself in leaves.  She was under. She'd painted like mud on her face.  She was crazy."

Ryan "She's still there, she's still there."  Ellen "She's probably still in the back yard. We went inside and stopped playing."

Ryan demonstrated how he was yelling to the girl "it's just a game.  Come out.  Take the maple leaf off your forehead."

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