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Selena Gomez Loves Scary Movies

The adorable Selena Gomez just visited Ellen Degeneres to chat and perform a single off of her new and highly anticipated CD.

The Disney star of Wizards Of Waverly Place looked amazing in a one shoulder cream hued top with a bow, short chocolate brown skirt and patterned tights.

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Selena's dark chocolate hued hair was brushed up and off her face in a half up/half down hairstyle with a perfectly placed crown hair bump, side swept bangs and hair pinned in back into a messy pony style.  Her brunette hued tresses looked stunning.  The entire look worked.

Ellen made a point of telling Selena "that's a beautiful outfit, you look fantastic."

Ellen pointed out that in the two years since Selena had last been on the show "and the amount of success you've squeezed into two years.  You just keep getting bigger and bigger, congratulations."  Selena said "thank you, thank you so much."

The talk show hostess said "and what's nice is with all the success and with the fame you're still a very normal relatively like just a grounded person compared to a lot people in this business.  Especially at this age."  Selena said "thank you very much, that's my mama's doing."  Ellen "well good mom you have, good momma."

(Image of Selena Gomez on Ellen Degeneres Show - from - All Rights Reserved)

Ellen said to Selena "you and I have something in common, I love that you rescue you animals.  You have some dogs that you recently rescued, right?" Selena "I have five dogs and they're all rescues."

Ellen showed a photo of Selena's dogs to the audience.

Ellen "where did you get them?" Selena "I got a couple, I got three of them in Texas and one in Puerto Ricco.  Wait, I got the rest in Texas.   Yeah, Texas and Puerto Rico."

Ellen " This is a great story.  You were doing a movie in Puerto Rico and there's a lot of stray dogs there.  Right?" Selena  "Absolutely.  They have lost dogs everywhere.  So my mom looked online and we found this organization called Island dog.

Ellen "it's a great organization, we had the guy on the show recently.  Selena "I know, that's what they said, that's awesome. So we contacted them and asked if there was a way we could help and I made a video with them and I wound up taking one home."  Ellen "good for you, good for you."

(Image of Selena Gomez on Ellen - Image from - All Rights Reserved)

Ellen "and another thing that we have in common, we love animals and we love scary movies.  Selena "Yes.

Ellen "you like scary movies?" Selena "I'm obsessed.  I love getting scared.  I love that feeling."

Ellen "me too.  And what's your scariest movie you've seen recently?"  Selena "I like "Texas Chainsaw Murder" because that's where I'm from.  That makes me really scared." Ellen "I try not to watch the gory ones but I like the suspenseful scary ones too.

Ellen "I know you're friends with Taylor Swift. And you watched me scare her here on the show."  Selena "I had dinner with her that night and she was just laughing the entire night about it.  It was priceless."

Ellen "It was so much fun to scare her.  I love scaring people.  You know, you and I should scare Taylor."

Selena "can we please do that?"  Ellen "wouldn't that be great?"  At that point a man jumped out of a big gold gift box positioned on the stage near Selena.  Selena jumped and then started laughing.  Then she put her head down into her arm and turned away from the audience.

Selena "Oh my."

Ellen "did we scare you?"  Selena "yesssss"  Ellen said "Did we really get you?  Your face is red and you're like, 'oh don't look at me' soo."

Selena "I was looking forward to scaring Taylor."

Ellen "well we can do that too."  Selena "Okay."  Ellen "we can do that.  We didn't really scare you."

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