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Paris Hilton Had Snow Brought In Last Year For Sledding In Her Driveway

Paris Hilton was recently a guest of Ellen Degeneres.  The talk show hostess seems to have a great time with Paris and the two refer to each other as BFF (Best Friends Forever).

Last year at this time Ellen revealed that Paris was Hot Toddy, the dancing cup of hot toddy Mascot that danced on the stage each day during Ellen's 12 Days Of Christmas giveaway.  On the last day the top was taken off of the Hot Toddy costume to reveal Paris inside.

(Image of Paris Hilton - - All Rights Reserved).

Paris and Ellen discussed Christmas and the reality star told Ellen "last year I actually had snow brought in for sledding right in the driveway.  Which was a lot of fun."  Ellen seemed surprised and questioned Paris "real snow or plastic (snow)?"

Paris confirmed "real snow."  Ellen seemed even more amazed and said "real snow.  You brought in real snow? To sled?"

Paris confirmed that she did indeed bring in real snow "for my Christmas Party.  And it lasted for two weeks.  So it lasted for a long time."  Ellen asked "how did it last?  It's hot here (in California)?"  Paris said "it was cold during that time."

Paris confirmed that she and her guests did sledding in her front yard, back and forth.  Paris explained that the "snow was in her driveway" and it was "a mountain you could go down" and it was "cool."

Ellen said "wow, that's fantastic.  I didn't even put up lights in my tree this year."

(Image of Paris Hilton - - All Rights Reserved).

Paris apparently does not have snow this year.  She told the talk show hostess her "house was already decorated with two huge Christmas trees, one in the living room and one in the entrance way by the stairwell" when you come in (to her house.)   Outside Paris explained she has "crystals and lights and everything."

Paris explained "the dogs have a Christmas tree in their house and lights all over."  Ellen asked about the Christmas tree for the dogs "for them to pee all over?  Why do you have a tree for the dogs?"  Paris explained "because it's Christmas and they need to get into the Spirit too."

Paris showed photos of her current pets to Ellen.  She said she has "six dogs" and showed them "chilling in their house in their Christmas outfits." She also revealed she has "two frogs (with a big aquarium/frog house), two bunnies, a new African Grey parrot who is five months old and loves to whistle to The Blackeyed Peas."  She also has a new tiny pet, a piglet, Miss Piglet."

Ellen asked if the dogs dressed themselves in their Christmas outfits and Paris said "no they have a stylist" who just happens to be Paris.

Apparently Paris really enjoys the Christmas Holidays.  She told Ellen she was going to be spending Christmas in LA with her family and then she would go to Aspen to do some skiing.

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