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Jason Schwartzman Not Really Bored To Death

Jason Schwartzman recently appeared on The Bonnie Hunt Show and Bonnie kicked off his appearance with a clip from Jason's HBO series "Bored To Death" which was recently renewed for a second season.  The actor recently married and has just returned from his honeymoon.

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Jason, who was wearing his trademark long hair in a shaggy style with a very long side-swept fringe.

In some angles Jason reminds me of Tom Cruise when he was Jason's age.  Jason was wearing a pink button up shirt, a dark blazer and grey slacks.  He looked cute as could be.  He started by thanking Bonnie for having him on the show.  She told him she was a "huge fan."

Jason shook Bonnie's hand, because apparently they had not met before.  He told the blond talk show hostess "I'm really a fan of you."

The star presented Bonnie with a hand drawn Christmas ornament in a Twilight Vampire motif.  Bonnie is collecting ornaments from her celebrity visitors which are going to be auctioned off and put on Bonnie's tree.

Jason's Famous Hollywood Family

Bonnie said "I know you come from this famous family.  Your uncle is Francis Ford Coppola, your mother is Talia Shire who is so great."  Jason laughed and Bonnie said "what?"  Jason replied "that's nice of you to say, I love my mom."

Bonnie said "I love that the characters she plays are so vulnerable so real and so accessible and sometimes people think that the person is not acting because they're so good.  You know what I mean?  So they don't get the credit they really deserve."

(Image of Jason Schwartzman - - All Rights Reserved)

Jason "well thank you so much.  She is actually my example."  Bonnie "you're the same way.  You're the same kind of actor...yeah."

Jason "I love her so much, and when I was a little kid that is the first person I ever witnessed who loved music and movies and I never thought I would be an actor myself, but I saw in her someone who loved art so much and I didn't know it could sustain you like that and make you so happy, so thank you for saying that, I'm going to tell my mom you said that, it'll make her very happy."

Bonnie "What you just said.  I can really understand that.  Because I feel the same way, I just feel so lucky to be in this business and my mom too, she wasn't an actress, she was a stay at home with seven kids, but she loved story telling and theatre and movies and she would circle movies in the TV guide and wake us up in the middle of the night to watch great old classics."

Jason "Really?"

Waking Up In The Middle Of The Night To Watch Old Movies

Bonnie "Because there was no VCRs or anything like that then so she's like, we have to see this, "Philadelphia Story" is on at 2 am and we would all wake up and she would make Chef Boyardee Pizza."

(Image of Jason Schwartzman - - All Rights Reserved)

Jason "no way.  It's funny so say that because when I think of watching movies and watching TV, I think it's a really great thing to do with your family.  I thought laughing with people or being shocked by something you see, or loving something with a group of people, that's why we're all here.  To me I like show business just because I like the community aspect of it.  I like that it's all a community thing."  Bonnie piped up "a shared thing."

The Glow Of Movie Lights On Faces Of Moviegoers

Jason  "I think it's really fun, that's why I love going to see movies.  I always go see movies in the theater and the reason I love to do it is because you're watching it, you're loving it and you can turn around, I don't know if you guys ever do this, but you can turn and look behind you and you see all these people with the light glowing off their faces and it's really.  It makes you feel like the world can be great.  You know?  People are making good things."

Bonnie "I agree, and that's the joy of creativity, sharing the experience of everybody going through it at the same time.  And I know that one of my experiences is never going to come true.  I'm never going to go on a date with you.  You just got married."

Jason Is Bonnie Hunt's Type Of Guy

Jason "Oh yeah."  A photo was shown on the screen of Jason and his new wife.  Bonnie said "you're totally my type of guy.  I like funny, interesting men."  Jason said "ohhh, oh"  Bonnie "and handsome, I should add."  Jason "oh boy, well you're very beautiful."

Bonnie seemed pleased and a little embarrassed.  She made a face at the camera.

Jason "yeah, but I did just get married.  I got married and I just got back from my honeymoon."  Bonnie "now you guys just went to some exotic place, I won't say where it is."  Jason "OK"  Bonnie paused and said "Wisconsin, The Tommy Garland Water Show".  Jason laughed.  He said "we went to someplace quite tropical, which was in the tropics and that's not my climate usually."

(Image of Jason Schwartzman - - All Rights Reserved)

Bonnie teased Jason about whether he had hung out on the island of Mykonos in a speedo in his youth and Jason "those are not my memories."

French Polynesia

Jason  "anyway, we went tropical and we went to French Polynesia which is just past Hawaii, so it's in the middle of the ocean and it's incredible, it's so beautiful.  I've never someplace so beautiful.  And we did all that like of stuff.  We went snorkeling, we played badminton...well that's not exotic, you can do it anywhere.  We swam with sharks and we fed stingrays."

Bonnie "your agents were there?  An old joke."

Stingrays Equal A Dog Plus A Mushroom

Jason continued "Which was incredible.  And I've got to tell you they should not have a bad rap.  They are such amazing creatures.  If I could paint the picture for you, They are a mushroom plus a dog equals stingray.  I guarantee you.  It is incredible.  Noooo.  You drive up in this little boat.   There's a guy and this is his surf.  The sea is his land.  I don't know why I said that, but we pull up in this boat in shallow water."

(Image of Jason Schwartzman with mother Talia Shire and brother - - All Rights Reserved)

Bonnie interrupted Jason and said "the water was so deep."  Jason said "you said the water was so deep at the same time I was saying the water was so shallow.  I like that."  They clapped hands.

Jason continued "Anyway, but."  Bonnie said "why, why did you marry someone else?"  The actor laughed and said "why?  I don,t, why because" and Bonnie said "because you love her."

Jason "yes I love her, I love her."  Bonnie "whatever"  Jason continued trying to finish his story about Stingrays.  He said "so the water was so shallow."  Then he said "well we could talk about dating, I could talk about dating you.  Do you want to talk about our fake honeymoon?"  Bonnie said "our fake honeymoon?  We would be in Wisconsin if you married me."

Jason said "so very quickly"  Bonnie "take your time, yeah."  Jason "you go in the water and they are so, they're cute.  They have little mouths.  They're so cute.  But it was so fun,  I hugged one.  And I wanted to adopt one.  I wish I could take a sting ray home with me."

(Image of Jason Schwartzman - - All Rights Reserved)

Bonnie "we would see Dancing With The Stars footage of you swinging around a stingray."

The Power Of The Honeymoon

Jason "I understand the power of the Honeymoon.  It's romantic and nice. And I was very happy to go on it with such a lovely woman.  I mean the thing is, everyone there, we stayed at this hotel where everyone there was on a honeymoon.  There wasn't.  It wasn't like going to the movies where you see other people and you think, oohh maybe they're on a date.  Or they're just friends or they're brother and sister."

Jason continued his honeymoon story  "these people were all honeymooners and you're thinking so these are the people they have chosen to spend their life with and we would sit by the pool and I would just watch couples and go (shaking his head) 'that's not gonna happen.  That's not gonna work.  I give it three years. That girl is gonna leave him.  The girl's gonna leave him.  She's not gonna be happy with that guy.'

Jason paused "and I know it's mean, and I know it's cruel, which is technically judging a book by its cover but what else, that's how you buy a book, you do judge it by it's cover.  That's why you judge this stuff."

(Image of Jason Schwartzman with new wife - - All Rights Reserved)

Jason also discussed his latest movie and how it was made.

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