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Whitney Port Tries On New Hairstyles

Whitney Port was a guest on The Bonnie Hunt show today.  After chatting about Whitney's show, "The City:", Bonnie told Whitney she read on Twitter that Whitney was bored with her hairstyle.  Whitney confirmed her boredom with her current hair and how she wants a new style.

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Bonnie pulled out a large cardboard model of Whitney's head with her hair pulled back. off her face.  Whitney laughed at the cardboard mock up and said her face looked like a "boy"  Bonnied explained to Whitney that when she was a child she used to cut out heads with different hairstyles and try them on her own head.  Whitney seemed to think that was a great idea.

Bonnie pulled out several different hairstyles she Velcro attached to Whitney's head.  The first was an Angelina Jolie hairstyle which Whitney decided definitely didn't look good on her face.  The hairstyle in question had a long sweeping side-swept fring and hair which was a below the shoulder.  The hair color was brunette which may have made a different.

After it was agreed to reject the Angelina hairstyle Bonnie tried on several other hairstyles including Carrot Top and Rihanna.  Whitney actually liked the Rihanna hairstyle which was her very short pixie with a full fringe.  Whitney said maybe the answer to her hairstyle doldrums was to try on bangs.

After the hairstyling exercise Bonnie gave Whitney the board with her head on it and then gave her all the different cuts out so that Whitney could play with them at home.

It was an interesting exercise and definitely showed Whitney in different looks in an easy and quick way.  It was also no cost which is always beneficial.  The lesson to be learned?  Either use a no charge hair styling wizard like the one available from or make your own on a large board like Bonnie did.

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