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Rita Hazan Colorist To Stars Celebrates Anniversary

Colorist to the stars, Rita Hazan, recently celebrated her three year anniversary  of the Rita Hazan Salon at a cocktail party.  The Rita Hazan is known in New York and to all celebrities in search of perfect hair color and style as a mecca of cool.

(Image of Rita Hazan - Courtesy Rita Hazan - All Rights Reserved)

Although the salon is located at 5th Avenue and 56th street which is not necessarily hip, Rita describes her salon as "younger, more fashion-oriented."

I remember chatting with Rita on the phone when she had a previous salon before her current location.  It seems like lifetimes ago but she was wonderful.  She made as much time as I needed and patiently answered all my questions.  She is charming and fun besides being an amazing hair colorist.

Many people that Rita is the most in-demand hair colorist in the States right now.  Her list of celebrities including long time client Jennifer Lopez includes Heidi Klum, Gwyneth Paltrow and the Simpson sisters, Jessica and Ashlee.

She has also touched the tresses of Jessica Biel and Brooke Shields to name just a few on her 100+ long list of celebs.  Although Rita is a hair color guru, her salon is full service and caters to every imaginable hair and beauty need  from hair cut to styling, waxing, facials, nails and spray tans.

"It's a one stop shop," Rita says. "And everyone who works here is amazing. I'm a stickler for that."

Rita, who is a regular colorist on The Oprah Winfrey Show is known for her hair color trend setting.  What's the famous colorist focusing on now?  She is weaving sophisticated and sexy color with "no roots showing."  Also, absolutely no stripes or streaks.  Ditto for chunky colors.

Besides being a busy celebrity colorist, Rita is a constant source for color trends to the New York based media.  I was recently chatting with a major editor for a weekly magazine who told me "Rita is always there for me" when I need help with hair color pieces.

No surprise there.  Rita is not only wildly talented, she gives freely of her time.

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