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Pamela Anderson Isn't Broke But Throwing Money Down Toilet

Pamela Anderson is back in the news in a big way.  Besides her new fragrance, which she has been talking about in the media, she has also been talking about a lot of personal things including her sex tapes with ex-husband Tommy Lee, drug use and her life in general.

Pamela was on Ellen recently to introduce Malibu, her new fragrance and to gift Ellen and her wife Portia with individual pairs of "vegan line of beach boots made out of recycled bottles" which are from her line.   She walked out onto the stage with a pink and a blue gift bag for Ellen and one for Portia.

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Pam was wearing a short white dress with chocolate brown hued prints of blowers.  Her tousled hair cascaded below her shoulders and was pulled back off her forehead in a small "bump" and appeared to be pinned back towards the crown with bobby pins.

Ellen thanked Pam for the "non animal boots."   Ellen told the audience you can get Pam's non animal boots made from recycled products on her web site.

Ellen said "the boots are good sign because for some reason people are saying your bankrupt or something like that - you're not."  Pam said "I'm not, close" and then she laughed and said "nooooo, I'm kidding, I'm not"   Ellen said "what's happening that people are saying that?"  Pam said "I don't know, well yeah, I heard you're doing some construction"  Ellen said "I am"  Pam said "might as well just flush it down the toilet."

Construction Means Throwing Money Down The Toilet

Ellen said "I know"  Pam said construction "is flushing money down the toilet.  Like everybody who goes through construction, we all have to, I realized after being millions and millions of dollars over budget.  I wasn't paying attention when I was in Vegas."  She shrugged her shoulders and said "doing that magic show."

She continued "anyway, when I came back and added it all up I realized it was way beyond budget so I actually went back to the very first nail hammered into the house and so I've been going through it."  Ellen asked "do you feel like you got taken advantage of because they thought you're not going to pay attention and they can just keep charging you?"

Pam said "I just kept signing checks every week and going back and forth to Vegas and I realized at the end of it that I was probably and easy target."

Pam's New Boyfriend

Ellen asked "is this how you met your boyfriend?  He's an electrician, right?"  Pam agreed "he is, yes."  Ellen asked "did he work on the house?"  Pam said "no, no."  Ellen asked "how did you meet him?"  Pam said "I have a house on the beach, I live in a trailer right now on the beach and its my kids favorite place and he lived there too and he's just nice, a nice normal guy.  And he can fix things.  He's actually very useful.  He's taken good care of me."

Ellen asked Pam how her boys were and she said "they're great and they're 13 and 11 years old."  When talking about her boys Pam said "God doesn't give you anything you can't handle."  She said "my 13 year old, considering the gene pool, is a perfect gentleman."  She told Ellen "I always say God you're so good."  She noted "it could be so much worse."

It Could Be So Much Worse

Ellen said "so that's how you gauge it?  It could be so much worse?"  Pam smiled and said "yes.  That's like most of my life, I do say that a lot."  Ellen said "so Tommy Lee, he seems like he would be a good dad."  Pam said "Hah!"  Then she changed the subject and discussed what her two boys were for Halloween.

Pam's Son The Flasher

Ellen made a comment about how Pam changed the subject regarding Tommy Lee and Pam said about the boys "they were both bananas.  A big banana and a little banana."  She said the older boy was "a flasher who just flashed his banana and he took the banana costume off and was just wearing his speedo because he's an incredible water polo athlete player and he had the beanie on and the glasses and he was flashing people in restaurants and flashing everyone and they were saying 'gee I wonder where he got that from?'

Animal Rescue Missions

Ellen and Pam also talked about how Pam rescues animals all the time.  She talked about being Canadian and "the biggest embarrassment" is "the seal hunt" that happens in Canada.  Pam is working hard to get that stopped.  Pam is trying to bring awareness to the seal slaughter and believes most of the world doesn't "realize it's still happening and is the most brutal form of animal abuse that's happening, so I'm trying to stop that."

Pam told Ellen her son rescued a dog that other day.  Ellen teased that maybe Pam's son found a dog because he was in trouble for being late.  They laughed about it but Pam seemed proud that her son did appear to rescue a dog in need.

First Fragrance For Pamela Anderson

Ellen pointed out that Pamela's new fragrance was the first time she had done a fragrance before.  Pam said "a lot of people have fragrances but you haven't done one before."  Pam said "I wanted to do it ecological and organic and all the good stuff and no animal testing...and it says right there on the bottle, PETA approved."

Pam explained she had two kinds, one for day and one for night.  The daytime one is Sandlewood, Amber, Vanilla a little yummy daytime beachy stuff and the night version is Patchouli and chocolate and wild orchid.  She said the night version of her fragrance "will seal the deal."

Ellen asked about the daytime fragrance "this is not to seal the deal?"  Pam said "I'm sure you could get some if you wore that too."  Then Ellen said "but mainly you seal the deal with that one (the nighttime version)?"

Sealing The Deal At Night

Pam said "the nighttime is a little more exotic"  Ellen said "you're saying you only seal the deal at night?"  Ellen spritzed the two new fragrances and said she couldn't afford to sniff the nighttime fragrance because she "couldn't afford to seal the deal right now."

Pamela said the fragrance is available in drugstores "which is really nice" because "we didn't put a whole bunch of money into this and the advertising suff cause mostly when you're paying for a fragrance you're paying for all the multi-million dollar campaigns they're doing and so ours is just in drugstores.  We're cheap, affordable.  Cheap and sweet like me."

Pamela talked to Ellen about having a sweet tooth and like "chocolate" but she's not "a pie person".  Pamela said she likes to cook and can cook. Once Ellen got Pam to say the words "bundt cake" which was the secret word of the day, the segment was over.

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