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Katie Price Demands Compensation From Hollywood In-Demand Hair Salon

Katie Price Demands Compensation From Hollywood In-Demand Hair Salon

Katie Price is not as well known in the USA as she is in Europe.  However, she visited Lea Journo, one of Hollywood's most-in-demand hairdressers, for three times a year since 2006.  Journo provided Price with hair extensions and color for which Price reportedly paid $17,000.

The 33 year old Price is now demanding compensation from Lea Journo claiming her hair has been completely botched and her tresses are so damaged by the hair extensions and other treatments that they began falling out.  Price is a formerly topless model known by the name of Jordan.  She is also a very successful businesswoman.

Obviously having great hair is key for Price's reputation, which is why she is now demanding compensation for the salon and Journo.  She has always gone to extraordinary lengths to ensure her appearance is never less than eye-catching.

More Than $230,000 Spent On Hair

The one-time model and celebrity is seeking a full refund plus compensation from Lea Journo.  Over the past five years it means Miss Price - who has built up a $61 million fortune from her business empire, which includes modelling, novels and an equestrian fashion range - has spent more than $230,000 on her hair.

Appointments with Parisian-born Miss Journo, who runs her own salon at the five-star Regent Beverly Wilshire hotel in LA and boasts a string of A-list Hollywood clients including Brad Pitt, start from $230 for a basic trim. A simple blow dry costs $153. Color treatments and hair extensions start at $380.

Miss Price claims she made the 4830km journey to LA to have her hair lightened from brunette to blonde and to have hair extensions applied at the salon in December 2010. And in keeping with her position as one of Britain’s most well-publicized stars, she made sure she was followed every step of the way by a crew from her reality TV show, Katie.

Miss Price, who says she uses the salon because it is "the best" for applying hair extensions, says she was told Miss Journo wasn’t available, but was offered an appointment with another stylist instead.

Before starting, Miss Price, sought an assurance that such an extreme change in color wouldn’t damage her hair. She says the salon told her there was no risk because the lightening method they used didn’t contain bleach.

Hair Started Snapping Off After 48 Hours In Salon

But Miss Price, who spent 48 hours in the salon over five days and was worked on by a team of hairdressers, says she noticed problems after technicians began the coloring. She claims her hair became brittle and began snapping off half way through the treatment.

A source close to the twice-married star said she was assured there was nothing wrong and continued with the next stage of the process, attaching the extensions. The intricate process involves human hair being attached strand by strand to existing hair.

Miss Price, who paid for the cost of the treatment in full upon leaving the salon, says she felt discomfort almost immediately after the process was completed.   After arriving back in the UK, a week later she claims her hair began breaking off and the extensions were pulling her hair from the root.

"It looked fine once it had been blow dried, but Katie said it felt uncomfortable and the extensions were tugging at the roots," a source said.

Extensions Applied Unevenly

"When she got back to the UK she got a hairdresser to look at the extensions who said they had been applied unevenly. Her hair was very weak from the coloring. It was brittle and broke off easily, leaving different parts different lengths. At the front there were bits that were only a few centimeters long. The damage will take a long time to repair."

Miss Price says she was offered a 50 per cent refund and an invitation to return to have the work corrected. But she says that offer has since been retracted and she is seeking advice about getting her money back.

Katie Makes A Stink At Salon

Yesterday Miss Price’s long-time "color technician" at the salon, Alexandra Thomas, said: "None of us had any idea who she was when she started coming here. She’s like Britain’s answer to Pamela Anderson, but not as pretty or successful, right?  "There was a big bust-up recently and Katie was making a stink.

"I can’t really talk about it, but let’s just say I don’t think she’ll be coming back. It doesn’t bother us and to be honest it’s a relief. We handle the biggest stars in Hollywood. She’s a nobody."

Sources close to Miss Price say that since December she has spent $70,000 trying to rectify the damage.She claims to have had her hair checked by four independent hairdressers - including one from hair extensions company Great Lengths - who are prepared to corroborate her claims that the extensions were applied incorrectly.  "She is seeking reimbursement of the cost of the treatment plus compensation," a source said.

The Problem Was The Bill

But another source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said: "What is at issue here is that the hair was in poor condition when she came in. Miss Price had been to another hairdresser and she asked Lea to get it back to the condition it had been in. Lea had a team work with her over several days.

"The problem came with the bill. My understanding is that she felt she was being charged too much, but Lea turned down other clients and the team turned people away to do the work and try to satisfy the client. They couldn’t simply write it off."

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